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From: Danny Malec 
Subject: [Announcements] FW: Declaration of Peace: Day 5

Friends and Supporters of the Global Call Iraq Campaign,

Thank you for your continued efforts to resist Empire and the violence that it breeds, particularly in regards to the US occupation of Iraq.  

We have been remiss in sending out an update to all of you all around the world as most of us on the Global Call Iraq Coordinating Committee have been extremely busy helping to organize the Declaration of Peace Campaign here in the United States –  The Declaration of Peace is a campaign that comprises over 500 organizations around the country, with solidarity support from several locations outside of the US, including Italy, France and Australia.  Since we agreed to help organize this campaign in April, we have seen this effort as fully in line with and a natural outcropping of our efforts with Global Call Iraq.  Therefore, we are grateful to continue to join with all of you around the world as we engage in a week of nonviolent resistance to demand an end to the unjust and illegal occupation of Iraq.

We are half way through the week of actions associated with the Declaration of Peace and you can read the latest update below and please visit the website for photos, videos and more reports on nonviolent actions and resistance

Thank you for your continued solidarity and support.

For justice,

Danny Malec
Coordinating Committee, Global Call Iraq
Declaration of Peace National Organizer
(408) 230-6179

Are you ready to declare peace?

Declaration of Peace: Day 5
Since last Thursday, people have declared peace in hundreds of Declaration of Peace events across the United States.  Vigils and protests have taken place in many places, including Stroudsburg, Penn., Long Beach, Calif., Nashua, New Hampshire, and Brooklyn, New York.  Nonviolent civil disobedience events have taken place in many cities and towns, including Portland, Ore., Bangor, Maine, Washington, DC, and at the Indian Island Weapons Base near Seattle, Wash.  For the latest news, visit <> Today, September 25, events will take place in California, Florida, Iowa, Montana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. Visit our Events Calendar <>  to see all listings.

Another Reason to Declare Peace:
Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat <>
The Bush administration claims the US occupation of Iraq is combating the threat of terrorism.  Sixteen US government spy agencies have drawn the conclusion that the war, in fact, increases this threat.  Let's bring this report to the attention of our members of Congress this week as we call on them to legislate a concrete and rapid plan to end the US occupation! Read the article in the New York Times <> .

Tuesday and Wednesday Actions in Washington, DC!
Join with others from across the country in nonviolent action, including nonviolent resistance, at the Senate on Tuesday and the House of Representatives on Wednesday.  See details here. <>
Tuesday, September 26: 10 a.m., Upper Senate Park. Interfaith ceremony, rally and procession, followed by peace presence and nonviolent resistance, including risking arrest, at the US Senate.  Organized by National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance/Iraq Pledge of Resistance <> .  For more information, contact Steve at or 814-932-6781.

Wednesday, September 27: meet 10 a.m., Upper Senate Park, Constitution Avenue and Delaware Avenue NE. For more information, contact Danny at or 408-230-6179. On Monday and Tuesday, September 25-26, the Declaration of Peace will hold nonviolence trainings and pre-action meetings.  For information, visit our Take Action <>  page. Check out our photo gallery <>   and video footage <> !
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