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Manifesto for Democratic Revolt

I have just been issued with an ISBN for Manifesto ….:

11          1. Religions 

Religions, human endeavors to answer questions as to the <why> of existence developed out of old mysticism and were turned into control mechanisms of humanity by the original kleptocrats (a.k.a. “priests”).  When the answers to questions regarding the <how> of existence did not tally anymore with religious dogma, the human mind conceived of oriental mon-ism and occidental mono-theism.  That oriental brains are “wired” differently let them conceive some 2,500 years ago what occidental theoretical physics has only discovered in the present: all existence is an interference of energies (this explains why everything apparently is connected with everything else).Unable to perform this mental leap, occidental minds came up with the concept of a single Godhead.  The believers were told by the creators of this single Godhead, that it had acted as the “creator”.  This Creator (YHWH) was furthermore said to be of human “form” so as to enable man to become a creator (of things) himself.  All the bad in the present world follows from this “creativity” which lets man believe he were the “master of the world”. We look at some of the perversions of religions which turn them into more effective and more obvious control mechanisms of masses which have replaced spirituality with dependence on technology. 

36         2. Science 

Science we call the human endeavor to explain (more than often “away”) the creative principle that operates in nature - so as to be able to emulate it and in the process to be able to control and change nature.  Western science and religion negate steadfastly that nature has a consciousness (and “will”) and have by way of dogmatism obscured their ignorance of what they consider to be reality. They boldly replaced reality with “truths”. Remnants of the Cartesian World View (world as a machine), together with hold-overs from the Newtonian world view (action causes reaction) mingle with the virtual haze of the Einsteinian World View (everything is relative) to signify the accomplishment of Judaisation/ Talmudisation of western science (effectively making it the realm of people who consider themselves “chosen ”). Western science (and technology based on it) in essence are names given to activities and their products which enable man to cause nature to “produce” more and to devise ways and means to enable those who “have” to prevent others from “getting”.  When the products of man became “better” than those of nature (more durable and of more utility), the wastes from production became non-metabolic as well;  in that way the circularity of natural processes was inhibited.  There are obviously two kinds of science: that which explains nature and the other one that governs man-made artifacts. That this is not “public knowledge” lets elites “get away” with (literally) murder. Not the products of modern man characterize the present, but the wastes that follow from their making and use.   

64         3. Politics 

The administrators/ practitioners of religions and sciences realized that knowledge (of the spiritual and factual kind) meant power which “drives” politics. The unholy trinity that rules the world in the present gained momentum already in times immemorial.  The executioners of elitist schemes in politics,  religion and science are responsible for the worst effects of human nature on humanity and nature.  When the much vaunted catchphrase of “separation of church and state” was invented during the period of enlightenment,  this led to the disconnect of humanity and its innate spirituality and gave overriding power to the beneficiaries/ perverters of the human need to “believe”. It is a fact, that Chinese science had come up with gunpowder, compass, determination of longitude and the printing press (among many other inventions and technologies) many centuries before “western” man.  It is also a fact, that most of the “discoveries” which western seafarers are credited with commonly, had been already made by the Chinese earlier. Why did the Chinese not turn into the “Masters of the Universe”?  We will only ever come to understand this curious situation if and when we know about the history and philosophy of the Han-Dynasty (205 BCE to 200 CE), which put “the brakes” on human hubris.  Chinese authors bemoan the fact, that for nearly 2 millennia Confucianism has “hobbled” Chinese science;  they do not realize that Chinese morality kept Chinese science from becoming the unethical enterprise it has become in the “West”. What holds for science has governed Chinese politics since times immemorial. 

74        4. Distributive Complicity / Retributive Loyalty 

Western man entered into a deal with the “devil” (in the details, as long as they were knowable) and turned into the “Faustian Man”.   In order to “get away” with what he was doing, he turned the power of knowledge into political powers in emulation of Catholic priestly power acquired during the hearing of confessions. From this developed “distributed complicity” in the Faustian mind.  Respect for nature and humanity turned into tolerance of misdeeds of others in order to ensure their tolerance of one’s own misdeeds.  The Yin to this Yang of human nature is here called “retributive loyalty”. Like with everything else, human nature also managed to commodify the principle of respect and turned it into tolerance.  Confucianism operates in similar ways, does however not invoke any divine fiat. The a-symmetries which emerged from the sequestration of knowledge, power and resulting material wealth established present day reality. 

94        5. Mandala - Cross - Arrow 

All of human endeavor is due to man’s “will”; his will is again strongly guided by his World View.  In the beginning, World Views were, like all of nature, of a metabolic (or circular) kind- in accord with early mysticisms and religions. Monism/ monotheism  (the reduction of all things material or spiritual to a single cause) emerged from scientific thinking in India; in the Middle East the out-come of such thinking - YHWH (Yahweh / Yehovah)  became such a beastly (over-) lord, that the concept of “forgiveness” (the essence of the Christian heresy) took the world by storm.  The concept of “sin” was fashioned into the cross onto which the consciousness of believers was nailed by clerical elites. To Buddhists karma (the age-old Hindu concept of causality of retribution – better its avoidance)  was a rule already half a millennium earlier. The administrators of YHWH formalised oral tradition of the Talmud in order to regain (cement) rabbinical power over their flock and crucified the threat to their teachings. Materialistic and spiritualistic Hinduist sects based on the <Upanishads> (Hinduist secret writings/ teachings)  tried to stem the loss of “market share” due to the emergence of Buddhism/ Jainism, just like the Hadiths (sayings traditionally attributed to the prophet Muhammed) were added to the Koran (to enable the priesthood to attain and exert control over the “flock” ?).  

When technology emerging from western science required man to be educated, this minimized the hold of religion over western man and let the “arrow of progress” take his life away from him.  We  should not worry about ever “making it into” paradise/ heaven,  but get concerned about the effects of the <Holocide> unleashed by fundamentalist monotheists which will turn our material world into a veritable hell. The worst crime of all,  the <Geocide> perpetrated by elites organised into Secret Societies is never ever even talked about.

 116         6. Kali Yuga - The Time without Morals and Ethics 

Modern times came to an end, when (in Hinduist terms) the “kali-yuga”, immoral and virtueless times,  started.  While “Victorian morality” was a mainly elitist phenomenon, the First World War saw the total breaking down of ethics on a global scale. By that time, the new materialistic religion of “Darwinism / Evolution” which had replaced the  G-D concept with serendipity (to explain the inexplicable) had taken a firm hold of western mankind.  The great leap forward in science and technology since the “Scientific-/ Industrial Revolution” had turned the world into a slaughterhouse set within a wasteland.   In recognition of the unsustainability of the political and military modus operandi slaves and later colonies were “freed” and the “Cold War” replaced actual butchery with the threat of it.  Unnoticed by the masses, they were enslaved with the concept of consumer credit which permitted to enjoy the fruits of tomorrow’s labour already today while “liberalism” turned the whole world into one big colony. The new modus operandi of the financial elite is best called: Disaster Capitalism,  the ultimate perversion of Schumpeter’s constructive destruction into destructive creation. 

139       7. “Who is not with us is against us…” 

Like all fundamentalisms, the “American Empire” is supplanting consensual alliances with illegal unilateralism and all those not willing to condone this kind of action are declared “evil”.  The “Clash of Civilizations”, for many years drummed into western consciousness by genocidal maniacs has been initiated unilaterally and a “Newtonian” reaction must be considered a systemic sequitur by logical thinkers. A Buddhist/ Jainist alternative to viewing the world is offered to suggest a non-violent,  fair and equitable modus vivendi for mankind. The (largely invisible) systemic terrorism perpetrated on all the world by states and globalism (a.k.a. corporatism ó fascism) is causing symptomatic terrorism which makes “good copy” and sells weapons/ “security systems”. The world at large is making a distinction with regards of Americans which they themselves are incapable of ; they are perplexed by the results of opinion polls which show that people still like “us” (them- as individuals) but abhor what “we” (they- as a nation) do.   Americans  need to be told, that “us” and “we” are two entirely different entities. 

161      8. Scientific Myopia and World Views - Common Bedfellows 

A whirlwind review of “World Views” shows that they do not derive from scientific knowledge, but we realize with horror, that scientific method is largely controlled by World Views!  Science deals with approximations of reality; scientists “sell” these approximations to the general public as if they were realities. Institutional science lives in permanent denial of the fact that formerly used  methodology (“Baconian Scientific Method”) is being prevented from being adapted to new knowledge by paradigmatic encapsulation.  The result of this is that academia and the general population are “dumbed down” with popularizations of “science” that describe little and explain less. Whenever his ability to comprehend failed man the “creator”, he resorted to religion or simply ignored the facts that did not fit the dogma.  From this emerged innumerous apocalyptic views of the “future”. Some of those, from as disparate fields as politics and environmentalism to medicine and technology to “Peak Oil” and total meltdown of the financial system are presented and contrasted with Judeo-Christian eschatology.  The hoi polloi are conditioned to confuse cause and effect. Present global politics, militarism and terrorism appear very much like baited traps for a returning “Messiah” to lead “chosenites” and their willing coalition partners into paradisical bliss at the expense of humanity  and Gaia. 

188       9. Cognitive Dissonance and Intuitive Resonance  

In order to understand the way that “popular consensus” regarding immoral, counterproductive and illogical concepts put forward by sociology, economy, politics and other fields is manu-factured, we first get familiar with the concept of “cognitive dissonance“.  It enables people of all walks of life to disregard manifest reality in favour of beliefs held because of religious creeds,  scientific paradigms or political persuasions.  They in turn are reduced to the materialistic <more is better>.  Wanting to be “good” we all are prey to “intuitive resonance“,  and act in  politically correct” ways without realizing, that we condone the unethical machinations of elites uncritically because of ignorance.

 203      10. The Dumbing Machine 

The conspiracy of churches, science and politics - here called the Dumbing Machine, uses shamelessly the cognitive dissonance and intuitive resonance which people have developed as survival strategies in an ever more confusing world.  At a time when communications technology and the internet deliver information in ever increasing amounts, many mistake intellectual garbage and subliminal messaging as “news”. The general public is served up a menu of “info-tainment”, garnished with “info-mercials” that to all intents and purposes constitutes an extremely unbalanced mental diet harmful to most and lethal to many.  The global media are covering up the machinations of the military-industrial complex - considering the common ownership this does not come as a surprise.  Some of the most egregious cases of misrepresentation of facts, biased reporting and outright lies are cited in order to - once and for all - expose what really drives that which we usually call “history”.  The modus operandi of the elites is conceptionalized to explain the modus vivendi of the de-selected. 

269      11. Divided We Stand 

Religions, sciences and politics all work along the age-old Judaeic principle which Julius Caesar called “divide et impera” (divide and rule).  Like everything else, this principle is applied on all levels to separate humans from their spiritual substrate - humanity.  For a long time religious, ethnic and political differences were “used” to create the mayhem required to start off conflicts which generate profits for elites from the misery of the masses. As Amschel Mayer (the founder of the Rothschild dynasty) was fond of saying: “the best time to make money is when blood is flowing freely on the streets….”!Since the end of WW II. a number of “regional unions” in terms of economical-, military- or/ and political cooperation have sprung up all over the world.  Most of those include their former colonial “masters” or the New Empire and are little else but cloaked neo-colonialism.  When manipulation of the American financial system caused a global stock-market crash, soon to be followed by the collapse of the American Savings & Loans Banks, the western banking system called on their loans to the Communist countries and they tumbled like dominoes in 1989.  With no more “enemy” the sole surviving superpower was in desperate need of a “replacement monster“. Since the (still unexplained) atrocities of “9-11” the vilification of the Islamic World goes hand in glove with the protection-racket of Anti-Semitism.

  295      12.  In Arms They Trust 

The “Washington Consensus”, imposed on the losers of the “Cold War” will have the same long-term effect as the  “peace dictate of Versailles” after World War I - it will lead to global conflict and perpetuate the profits from manufacturing war materiel. Over 50% of the world’s industrial production is arms related and there will never be a “peace dividend” for humanity, as that would cut into the dividends of the “gun smiths”. The “containment strategy” devised by the Truman administration was supplanted by Reagan’s confrontational style and offense-oriented policies. G.W. Bush announced the strategy of preventing the rise of a challenging power and preemptive strikes against anybody wanting to achieve this aim.  The first time around his election promise of “a more compassionate America” turned into “full spectrum dominance”;  in 2004 he promised to “fight terrorism overseas” so as to ensure that Americans will tolerate to be terrorized at home by their government.  Nobody can predict how this will all play out - but the warnings are ominous!  That George Soros and the mouthpiece of the Republican party are ditching G.W. Bush spells disaster for his presidency and the “American Empire” concept –the biggest rats sense that their ship is going down! 

312     13.  The Era of Phoney Wars 

When Colin Powell announced in 2002 that “we will bring democracy and Free Market Economy to the Arab World - if need be with atomic weapons“ he added another marked card into the deck: the wars on drugs and terrorism were just not generating enough “business” for the gun-smiths. There is one (one only!) lesson to be learned from the 2003 Iraq-“War”: if and when the US government wants a war – it gets a war.  The US government does not rattle sabres- it unsheats them without any further ado! All this to camouflage the fact that practically all major military conflicts of the last century were fought over oil and narcotic drugs.  If America were to adopt European- or Japanese efficiency standards, it were totally independent of oil imports.  Imagine an oil price of US $ 10.00 per barrel (which were a realistic price for crude, were America not wasting probably more than it uses and forcing the global oil industry to overtax production capacity).  If the use of drugs were de-criminalised (and sensibly controlled), agricultural production were again profitable and would reduce the hunger in the world.  The oil price hike in the New Millennium is as ficticious as is the value of the currency in which oil is still traded and when the US Dollar has gone the way of all human creation, there will be a peaceful respite for humanity.We examine a long list of “unsaids” - issues which are never touched upon by the Dumbing Machine so as to not make it plain and obvious that the desperate situation of humanity and Gaia are caused by manipulation of economy and human minds. 

372      14.  Can Hegel be proven wrong? 

Hegel is often quoted for saying that “the only thing we can learn from history is that mankind does not learn from history“.  That is one of the other cases where Hegel was wrong: it is not mankind but elitist manipulation that does “make” history! All revolutions to date have been hi-jacked and only proved James Burnham correct: revolutions only change the ruling elites.  The blood of mankind spilled in the process was only “greasing the wheels”.  There are many calling at present for a “revolution to save the planet”. All that any further revolution will do,  is bring the globe closer to the eschatological finale desired by the elite of the elites. Revolutions - axiomatically - are unlawful and unconstitutional and thus carry the seed of their own demise within them.   This is why it is argued here to learn from history and change tack: aware of the enormous power that we all have (despite our personal insignificance) as the electoral sovereign, we have to use this power to de-select the elites.  This calls for awareness, communication and co-operation. All those who do not participate in democratic elections forgo the last right that they still have - to cast their vote!  If everybody casts an invalid vote, then whoever is the numerical winner of the elections will have a mandate from his accomplices only (by definition a very small number).  As the vast majority in this case had voted against any and all the “winners”, they would in fact have no popular mandate.  The Australian constitution proscribes for a “winner” a minimum of 7% of the popular vote.  Any number lower or close to this figure would trigger automatically a take-over by the people in the wake of such a ‘DEMOCRATIC REVOLT”. Such an event were entirely legal and constitutional and would appear the only practicable way to stop the elites from dragging humanity into an ever accelerating vortex of greed and immorality.  

405         15. The Dawn of the Age of post-Zionism/ -Globalization

 The Information Age is beginning to expose “anti-Semitism” as oxymoronic “linguistic engineering” and a Weapon of Mass Deception.  A brief review of the history of Zionism from the perspective of Systems Theory would suggest, that it “has had its time” and is bound to join the ever increasing number of failed elitist concepts. Zionist scheming being one of the main driving forces of Globalism lets also this  Weapon of Mass Destruction (of human culture and achievement) appear as a spent force.  The “New World Order” will soon be transposed into a “New Human Condition” – we have to ask what kind of “collateral damage” we are willing to accept. 

420         16. After the Democratic Revolt - Rule of COMMON LAW  

When Mahatma Gandhi incited a Democratic Revolt, he achieved the desired result - total refusal to cooperate with the British freed India from foreign rule.  Cut down by the bullets of an assassin in 1947, Gandhi could not implement his plan to decentralize all political processes and institutions and implement his plan of what decades later became a buzz-word: “Small Is Beautiful”. A similarly peaceful, lawful, constitutional and orderly Democratic Revolt as advocated here seems to be a prerequisite for Common Law ruling over humanity instead of elitist designs which effectively divide the populations of democratic states into masses without rights but plenty of obligations while elites have no obligations but are enjoying the right to do as they see fit. To change all this after the Democratic Revolt five major steps are suggested: 1) Reduce religious, political and economic organisation to the communal level. Governments have to implement hierarchichally the will of the people 2) Total demilitarization (no weapons- no war); there will be plenty of “scrap” to recycle to give Gaia (the living Earth) “a break”. Adopting highest efficiency standards and available technology/ search for alternatives -  this will take a lot of “pressure” off Gaia.3)  Much smaller world population by way of raising standards of living (which is the only really effective contraceptive and reproductional disincentive) – elevating Common Law above the laws made by elitist self  interest.4)  Return economy to what the meaning of the Greek root-word implies; Industry has to be forced into metabolic ways and means of production. “Money” has to be turned from a private source of interest into a common means to generate affluence.5)  Gaia has to be seen and treated as a real partner.  

The New Human Condition (a Utopia?), a state governed by the above principles is surely not possible to achieve without a massive effort from scientifically trained and historically knowledgeable idealists. Nearly every one of the listed fundamentals clearly countermands presently adhered dogma for various sections of modern society. Far too many believe in the cash & carry methodology of present politics and are swayed by the promised rewards for “proper” behaviour in the voting booth. That they rarely– if ever– eventuate should be an incentive to be realistic and give  the advocated Democratic Revolt a chance. After all, the signs for the future are such that any real change can only be an improvement. It is hoped that the popular consensus required to implement a Democratic Revolt and the subsequent constitutional changes will not be brought about by apocalyptic events.  

482     17. Glossary

490     18.  INDEX

8 Responses to “Manifesto for Democratic Revolt”

  1. Pompeyo Andrade Says:

    I agree completely on your apreciation of the present historic condition. As an anecdote I must say that an Ecuadorian, Jose Peralta, wrote a book on the Jews, while he was a diplomatic in Paris, in 1920, before Henry Ford and Hitler wrote theirs. His “Moral Teológica” made a wonderful description of the evil of the Jewish religion - a criminal conspiracy - and warned that the Zionist would manage to make a total mess of the XX century. This happened indeed. It is curious also that most evangelical faiths and even the Catholic Church have been forced to support the Zionist cause. Billy Graham was forced by the Jewish agents in the IRS, the Catholic Church, by the Jewish lawyers persecuting the pedophilic Catholic priests, and all of them by the Jewish media tycoons. It is obvious that 50 years of wars and massacres in Palestine (now in Iraq) have taken the attention of the dumb people from the fact that, in the meantime, the Jews have taken over the Monetary System and the Financial System, forcing into poverty not only the population of the underdeveloped countries but also the workers in the
    rich countries and in the US (whose real incomes have not really improved for decades, while the American dollar sunk). In my book, the Palestine cause has been used as a diversion in order to take over the world financially and through the mass media - there is also a world-wide drug monopoly run by these same people -the dumbing machine has been very successful. Thorugh all this time, they have filled the front-pages with their atrocities - thus elevating the level of ennui in all of us.
    The immediate action should be the denounciation of the Monetary System and its change - for further purposes, the dumbing religions should also be denounced for what they are, accomplices of a heinous system of world hegemony by the Jewish masters.

  2. Auveline Robinson Says:

    Great Gods: Do you have a mind that works very well indeed. I could not agree with you more. I have tried and tried to vanquish the world-view of many fundamentalist Christians as to the way they are being duped by their religion and that their real religion is a nationalistic faith based on the brain-washing techniques of the media including all of it..the movies coming from Hollywood which paint a myth of America that has never never been a reality. For instance, the picture of the American Indians
    slaughter settlers are just not the truth. The settlers and the Indians cooperated much more than they fought. Now we have people like a preacher in San Antonia, Texas who takes money for Israel and preaches Christian Zionism all because idiot want to be Chosen by a Male God, made in the image of man of 5,000 years ago; a God that was probably an extraterrestrial race who needed miners for the gold.

  3. Pompeyo Andrade Says:

    Manifesto for Democratic Revolt

    Prof. Siegfried Tischler

    This is a tour de force concocted by Prof. Tischler to force the reader to look into reality and face what appears to be an unavoidable condition of chaotic extinction for most people. The dumbing machine has been working on all levels to create the present outcome. Since most media and financial systems have been taken over by the Zionist –controlled elites, it seems almost impossible to prevent such a catastrophe. It seems we have a Darwinist process by which the Zionists and allies will impose ravage, death and slavery to all others. This process may have started already when the money-grabbing bankers conjured to kill Julius Cesar, and later on, after having created a “New Religion”, they managed to impose a single religious belief for all the empire – in this process, the minting temples of Juno Moneta were destroyed and the reign of the fabulous manipulators of money started. It has continued ever since and managed to imprint all the dubious thinking, all the immoral behaviours and the present confusion. Tischler goes through all the incidents in science, religion, politics, economy, to show us the path through which we have managed to reach our delusion, by accepting hoax after hoax, while we were thinking of ourselves as alert and keen. Alas, we were managed as cattle, herded into silly factions, deceived by religions and ideologies, while the sole valid purpose was the one consacrated by the money-grabbing bankers. What a farce the historical appearances in which people destroyed each other by the millions, to the amusement of the “Wisemen of Zion”. For Prof. Tischler, “ the present “reality” of scientific thinking (as oxymoronic as that may appear) has not emerged from cumulative (“historical”) experience, but has been craftily manufactured by special interests. Humanity has at all times tried to “lean” on somebody.”

    Today, we have only to accept the simple, disgusting truth that we have been duped by the wisemen, that all the solemnity of religions and politics have been mere farces played to the tunes of the masters. Slavery is being imposed in a global scale through the control of money and the control of mind.

    Prof. Tiscler seems to take the case personally and lets his illustrated rage pour page after page of hard-core, extreme data of the perversion of mind and gentile work by the masters. This should be enough to shame anyone, but, I am afraid, it is not enough, for the control of mind is of such degree that most people have already complete mind-frames built in such a way that information is not enough. Emotions have been perverted, the whole universe of consumption and needs has been constructed in order to mislead, desinform, oblige to enslavement. Mind is already captured by the masters, at least in the West.” People in the “democratic” countries have to force their “rulers” (elitist kleptocrats, immoral thieves and unethical dictators) to face the reality- they can call out the armed forces to put down an unconstitutional revolution or an armed rebellion – but will be powerless to stop a lawful and non-violent Democratic Revolt which deligitimises them!

    He conludes:

    ● economic crises have always been carefully orchestrated so as to assure that the fruits of labour accrue to those who have idly watched while lending other people’s money to collect interest;

    ● despite all evidence to the contrary, when things “did not work out”, this was called the result of the vagaries of the “market”;

    ● political crises (revolutions) have been manufactured (if need be by using force) to de-fraud entire nations of the wealth accrued during times of peace;

    ● religious and ethnic differences, which for long periods had been the gear-box of cultural diversity and civilisational development were fused with external concepts and used to the motor of conflict;

    ● when no internal enemy was at hand (or possible to construe), then military adventures were undertaken to create international misery. Again– nations which have in living memory been peaceful neighbours are styled into mortal enemies by agitators who on the sly make off with the profits that sufferance of the many creates for the few.

    After having used a whole series of names for sects, ideologies, political parties, it seems all too clear that if mankind can not get rid of the rule of the masters, the cruel governance of the “High Finance” will impose its deadly systems that eventually will lead us to programmed extinction. The reign of the “thousand years” will then perhaps prevail. So far, by the way professors behave themselves, when Lee Iaccota, having seen that no one denounces the 9/11 hoaxers, asks: “Where are all the leaders gone?”; when 40.000 doctors of economy have not been able to denounce the swindle of money creation by the Jewish bankers; when, at the proximity of elections in the US, the only leader that questions the Fed (Ron Paul), has been virtually eliminated and only about 5% of the population seem to understand what he is talking about, we can only conclude that the rantings of Prof. Tischler are a magnificent sacrifice to intellect and mind power, but, alas, just a sacrifice to undefined gods and goddeses. He should be commended for that!


    Pompeyo Andrade
    May 15/2008

  4. setex01 Says:

    musni umar | insed2000@yahoo.com | insed.net | IP:

    Dear Prof. Tischler,
    I am very much interested in your opinions expressed in “DEMOCRATIC REVOLT”, because in political reality there is no justice, trust and humanity. We can “watch” Iraq war every day on TV and can hear how President G.W.Bush “justifies” the invasion of Iraq as needed to bring freedom to the Iraqi people, to spread democracy in the Middle East. Now we can see the reality for the people of Iraq.
    Democracy quo vadis?

    Thank you for posting the summary of book. see you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Musni Umar

    Kein Spam — Sep 3, 6:53 Uhr nachmittags — [ Artikel anzeigen ]
    [The "English" of the comment by Dr. Umar was slightly "brushed up"; Dr. Umar has organised together with Dr. Tischer Seminars in Indonesia to invigorate the Democratic Process and "Local Economy"]

  5. Mel Souter Says:

    Just as the small carrot struggles to survive in the carrot patch, so do the vast majority of humans struggle to survive in the world. Little time or thought is given to issues more pressing than the next paycheque and next big football game….BUT….the new generations “hear” the wispers of the wise. Unlike 200 or 2000 years ago, apart from manipulative information, real knowledge is also becoming readily available to all. Knowledge is a route to power. Maybe a route, some day in the distant future, to people power.
    The thoughts of
    Ernestein Hemmingroidway

  6. Jutta Schmitt Says:

    The human tragedy, in fact, the planetary tragedy as it expresses itself in the destruction of nature by society and the exploitation of man by man as a result of the division of labour, followed by political oppression, social discrimination, institutionalized violence and human alienation inherent to all class society, is masterly synthesized by Siegfried Tischler’s Manifesto for Democratic Revolt. As he takes us on this merciless journey through reality, he confronts us with the machinations of mind and behaviour control in their different appearance forms from religion to science to politics as they help the ruling classes distort the truth so as to keep profiting from wars and destruction, and strongly suggests we act now or ‘rest in peace’ - the peace of the cemeteries of the slave masters -, forever. For the partial reader, for (s)he who is partial towards eradicating class society on a global scale, this manifesto carries a secret message: It advocates for the total subversion of a world economic and social order that has become completely unsustainable, hostile to life itself. Tischler´s proposal for Democratic Revolt is, at the same time, a proposal for Revolutionary Democracy, just as his appeal for an Ethics of Science is, at the same time, an appeal for a Science of Ethics, the ‘mission statement’ of which reads: In the difference of what we effectively think and do and of what we are capable of thinking and doing, lies the difference between destruction and creation.

  7. Franz J. T. Lee Says:

    Siegfried Tischler’s MANIFESTO FOR DEMOCRATIC REVOLT is a last minute anticipatory bolt from an azure sky, is a warning which still is yearning for a possible emancipatory Promethean bliss. It thunders against the belligerent rocks of ignorance and decadent arrogance of corporate imperialist thugs and opulent parasitic rogues, who as a Draconian global ruling class possess a Lilliputian fascist immoral demeanour and who are hell-bent on annihilating within a few decades precious planetary life itself; an experiment that has been created patiently and painfully by Gaia, by Mother Earth across thousands of aeons.

    With scientific precision the author unveils the Rembrandtesque formal logical colours of the “holy alliance” … of postmodern unilateral sciences, with dominant, terrorist politics and with alienating world religions, … which mainly serves the bellicose profit interests of the corporate mongrels and moguls; and which inexorably generates the geometric progression of the apocalyptic accumulation of world famine, poverty, misery and destruction.

    Surely, with the type of revolutions that we have experienced across the last century, we cannot cast off the shackles of the Moloch of micro- meso- and macro-capitalism, also not escape from the mortal tentacles of corporate imperialism. Siegfried’s manifesto should be seen as a concrete utopian pathfinder of Exodus, of breaking out, as a ‘transvolution’, as the creation of a new world outlook, a new logic, a new science, a new philosophy and a New Man, briefly, as ‘Exvolution’ out of this closed vale of tears, towards a myriad of worlds worth living in.

    Prof. Dr. Franz J. T. Lee, University of The Andes, Mérida, Venezuela.

  8. Charles Moreira Says:

    While I don’t entirely agree with all the conclusions and solutions to the world’s current problems expressed in Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler’s upcoming book Manifesto for Democratic Revolt, some do concur with my own views and gut feelings on the use of religion by powers that be in promoting wars and violence against people of other religions and in particular, this happens especially with religions which arose from the Middle East.

    On the other hand, most fortunately, such antagonisms are much less noticeable among followers of religions of the Far East, notably Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism and others – well at least today.

    Dr. Tischler is greatly impressed and influenced by the writings of Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda, an eminent Buddhist scholar, teacher and abbot of the Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara (temple) in Kuala Lumpur several years back. Most unfortunately, Dhammananda passed away over two years ago.

    Besides that, in his excerpts, Dr. Tischler concurs with many questions and gut feelings I have about the post-Cold War world and especially post 9/11, where earlier analyses, explanations and solutions don’t seem to fit anymore and there’s a nagging sense that there’s something else behind what’s happening in the world today, when the quest by the imperial powers is to dominate the globe economically, financially, ideologically, culturally, scientifically or militarily.

    I however, cannot agree with Dr. Tischler’s solution that a democratic revolt at he ballot box will bring the manipulators to a halt, firstly since elections themselves are often used as tools by the manipulators to give the electorate a false sense of political empowerment.

    As long as the electorate vote for Party X or Party Y backed by the manipulators and one wins, business will be left to continue as usual but once the vote threatens the position of the manipulators, they’ll lose no time in crushing it, just as Salvador Allende’s elected left wing government in Chile was deposed in a CIA-backed military coup.

    The dethroning of the manipulative elite could well require force on the part of the people, who’ve woken up from their indulgent slumber and act.

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