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"The Hitler Experiment"

Which Hidden Power Created Hitler?

August 17, 2007

ahitler1.jpg (Benjamin Fulford's "Good News" moved to here.)
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The man who became the personification of evil was probably the puppet of larger forces still in control of the world.

This view is supported by a curious little-known document entitled "I was Hitler's Boss" by Captain Karl Mayr published in the New York-based magazine "Current History" (November 1941.) 

As Hitler's boss in the "Instruction Dept." of the Reichwehr in Munich, Capt. Mayr had "daily contact" with Hitler for 15 mos. (March 1919- June 1920.) Corporal Hitler was charged with propaganda functions and infiltrating labor groups.

Mayr portrays Hitler as a "tired stray dog looking for a master," a mere factotum first of General Ludendorff and then of Goering, considered dispensable after fulfilling his purpose.

While I believe Captain Mayr, who later opposed Hitler (and died at Buchenwald) wrote the essay, it may be "black propaganda." Published the month before the US entered the war, it may be designed to create division between Hitler and his designated successor (Goering), and to anger Hitler by belittling him.

The editor of "Current History" was "Spencer Brodney." His real name was Leon Brotzky, who was a long time Communist. "Current History" was published quarterly by the New York Times Company, the organ of the central banking cartel.

Nevertheless, although black propaganda spins the truth, its effectiveness depends on including a considerable amount of fact. Much of what Mayr says is consistent with other sources. I will provide a summary of his most credible revelations and then briefly consider the implications. 


Capt. Mayr says that in 1919, Hitler was "one of the many thousand of ex-soldiers who walked the streets looking for work. A this time, Hitler was ready to throw in his lot with anyone who would show him kindness...He would have worked for a Jewish or French employer just as readily as for an Aryan". He was "totally unconcerned about the German people and their destinies."

He "tried to enter the postal service as a mail carrier. His services were refused because he was unable to pass the intelligence test. His school education in his Austrian village would have been quite sufficient, but his mental capacity suffered after he was gassed in the war."

Hitler "talked and walked in his sleep and made himself generally a nuisance." He had no friends, and was shy and self conscious because of a "deformity [which] made him unlike other men—in my opinion this infliction made Hitler a lone wolf and outsider." [Hitler apparently had only one testicle. Funny Mayr doesn’t mention this detail if he is trying to discredit Hitler. ] Hitler was "continually chaffed by his comrades."


According to Mayr, General Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937) the hero of World War One met weekly with a coterie of industrialists at the Hotel Four Seasons in Munich and plotted vengeance for Germany's war loss.

The challenge was to mobilize the dispirited German worker to fight again. Ludendorff decided they needed a Joan D'Arc figure, a common person who heard God's voice, to lead them into battle. He even roamed the Bavarian Alps looking for a "red headed peasant girl" who could be sold as a divine messenger.

Ludendorff and his friends " were like Hollywood scouts looking for talent..." At the same time Hitler was involved in an army "experiment." He was given money to hold meetings of the German Workers Party in taverns and buy everyone beer, sausages and pretzels. After some rousing songs, when everyone felt "happy and grateful," Hitler would jump on a chair or a table and started with "fellow-workers, Germany, awake!"

"In such a genial atmosphere it was a pleasure for workers to awake and manly applaud everything." Mayr writes. "The experiment with Hitler was considered highly successful by his sponsors" and Hitler got the Joan D'Arc job.

"The programme was carefully concocted to fit with the wishful thinking of the majority."
The leaders knew "a minority must suffer, and so the German Jews were made the chief scapegoats because their destruction would gain millions of votes for the Nazis. Small shopkeepers hated Jews because they owned the chain stores; farmers wished their destruction because they were indebted to Jewish bankers; even intellectuals were jealous because Jews held lucrative positions in the arts and sciences and professions. The Communists also had to be destroyed, but that was because they took their orders from Russia and would never vote for an Imperial Germany."

"The Nazis salesmen offered anything and everything to make the people war minded...
Therefore, their sales talk was: Germany is a have-not country; other nations have all the wealth; Germany must fight them successfully, and so be entitled to that wealth."

Thus the Nazis catered always to the desires of majority. "No one cared what happened to Germany as long as result restoration of the good old days ..."

Hitler was looked upon as "a good salesman for the Nazi ideology, who would be paid off when he was no longer needed."


Mayr maintains that Hitler never was the real leader of Nazis. "As a leader, Hitler is probably the greatest hoax ever played on the world... His reports always had to be rewritten... His intellect was not higher than that of an eight-year-old child... Hitler has never been capable of making a decision of his own...he certainly never wrote a line of Mein Kampf; ...[but] was of course proud to sign his name as author of a book."

"Before every important speech Hitler was, sometimes for days, closeted with Hess who in some unknown way, got Hitler into that frenetic state in which he came forth to address the public. Just before Hitler had appointments to receive statesmen or foreign correspondents, he was minutely coached as what to say. Sometimes when unexpected questions were put to him, he just walked away, or started his senseless political ranting."

Ludendorff soon lost control of Hitler to Ernst Roehm and Hermann Goering who engaged in a bitter war for Nazi supremacy that lasted a decade. Finally Goering won the battle in blood purge of June 30, 1934. By this time, Mayr had become associated with Roehm. We assume this is the basis of his information.

"The way was now clear for Goering and he lost no time. Conscription; occupation of the Rhineland; total rearmament; intervention in Spain; invasion of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and other countries followed."

"Germany has many Fausts, but their Mephistopheles is Goering who was able, through crafty propagandists like Goebbels, to sell Hitler to the entire world as a patriotic superman. Goering alone engineered the burning of the Reichstag and had a feeble minded boy executed for it...It was he that arranged Hitler got the false material to convince him that Roehm intended to kill him unless he killed Roehm first. Goering's fawning on Hitler was sheer hypocrisy designed to mislead public opinion."

The prevalent view is that Goering was an ineffectual leader, who preferred to go hunting and collect (steal) art than run the Luftwaffe. Supposedly he lived in fear of Hitler.


Meyr's view is in stark contrast with the conventional view of Hitler. Either Mayr is lying or the majority of modern historians are engaged in building Hitler up to seem like a credible leader and personification of evil.

I believe that Hitler was stage managed by the Illuminati, i.e. Masons organized around the Rothschild's desire for world tyranny to protect their monopoly on credit. I believe someone like Lionel Rothschild was referring to a Hitler figure when he wrote in the Protocols of Zion:

The Secret Masonry is setting up "our own, to all appearance, off position, which in at least one of its organs will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards." (Protocol 12.11)

Jon Bjerknes has shown that the Rothschilds belonged to a heretical Jewish sect, the Sabbateans, who believed that, as King of the Jews. the Rothschilds were destined to rule the world.

In the Protocols, Lionel Rothschild, talks about his world control by virtue of his credit monopoly. He says that when he "comes into [his] kingdom," he'll make sure private individuals like himself no longer exercise this power.

He also says that if any state raises an objection to Rothschild domination, "it is only pro forma, at our discretion, and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren." (Protocol 9)

My current hypothesis is that there is a direct line between Hitler and the Rothschild agenda, through a long line of "cutouts" (agents). Some of these cutouts were "useful idiots" like Erich Ludendorff who retired from politics when he realized Hitler was being financed by Rothschild's Bank of England.

Certainly Max Warburg, Chief of German Army Intelligence, member of the banking family, and Mayr's real boss, was the Rothschild point man in the "Hitler Experiment." Through the "secret masonry" the central bankers created both Communism and Nazism which, thanks to WWII, advanced the destruction of Western (Christian) civilization.

The human race is fast becoming the Rothschilds' ant farm. Thanks to their control over the media and education (through cutouts), information and entertainment are mostly tools for social control and behavior modification. Obscure documents like Captain Mayr's "I was Hitler's Boss" remind us that we are manipulated in the most egregious way.
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Did Illuminati Bankers hire Hitler to Start WWII?  and  Did Bormann Run Hitler for the Illuminati?


Thanks to John Hankey for bringing Mayr to my attention. John is the Creator of JFK II-The Bush Connection, a video available online.


Henry Makow is the author of Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order and A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at henry@savethemales.ca.

Comments for "Which Hidden Power Created Hitler?"

Jim said (August 19, 2007):

Dear Henry, your recent articles on Hitler are groundbreaking and most excellent, as usual for your all your investigative journalism. You have truly cracked the code of the "feigned opposition" or voluntary splits enacted
by the secret ruling oligarchical "old black Guelph nobility" and their cutouts,
the superior elite freemasons. It is this planned, false flag stuff that really hides their presence while they steal us all blind and institute their global credit system based
on oil, weapons, illicit drugs, etc. Their trademark is perversity, pedophilia,black arts, and use of crypto-intelligence agencies. It's essentially the same system used to finance the roman emperors, and the same behind the
british east india company (revealed in the opium wars escapades where the brits sold opium to china to get back their silver and gold used to
buy chinese tea and silk and gunpowder). Since that time drugs have continued to be used as a weapon of war and tool to disenfranchise the
masses. The ruling elites believe it is much easier to rule a country where the
people have been dirtied up by drugs, porno, promiscuity, alcoholism. They know that if you take away the peoples self respect they will not have the character to defend their freedom and their families from oppression....

Lynda (General Comment) said (August 19, 2007):

Check out the new video clip "Angry Mob" by Kaiser Chiefs now appearing on Countdown here in Oz. More demoralisation for the gender war - the prostitution of women as a class featuring prominently. Also, be alert to the 'splatter' visual now ubiquitous in cinema, the graphic arts, tv, video. Usually red splatter but now featuring rainbow splatter. Definitely a Kryptocracy signature for universal war - in the credits of the highly occult "Smallville" series and The 300 - a film about the Spartan (a Dorian people) defense of Thermopylae and Greek victory over Persia ( i.e. Poros ) led by the Spartans. Thank God for DVD, you can pause the opening credits to see signatures, signs, watchwords etc, fast forward the brainwashing to the end credits so it can be quickly seen where the production is coming from - literally.

Bill said (August 18, 2007):

Not up to the standard one has come to expect of STMales, IMHO. This is why : it's absurd.

I've worked for approaching 18 years in state prisons. During this time I've gotten to know a fair number of (nominally) "low functioning" individuals who started businesses from scratch and ran them very capably indeed, and under very difficult circumstances. That these were "criminal enterprises" changes nothing essential. Some of these same men, by reading and practice, write legal filings that would -- in thorough research, tightly reasoned logic and polished eloquence -- embarrass many practicing attorneys.

Joseph "Stalin" was similarly (if I mistake not) probably of unexceptional formal intelligence as conventionally measured, but exceptionally capable in the real world, to say the least. (The parallel is almost too self-evident : Djugushvilli, in Georgian, is ""Jew's Son" ; Hitler was, by some accounts, a casual offspring of one of the Vienna Rothschilds. But now we've gotten sidetracked into the Judaic supremacy analogue of the Arian supremacy business).

On this basis, the implied assumption embedded in your (latest) "Hitler was a moron" sop to orthodox righteousness (which must be morally right even when it is objectively absurd) -- i.e., that testing well in mathematical / symbolic intelligence correlates with real-world competence -- is at spectacular variance -- not only with everyday experience (the highly educated generally work for the business-savy. Not vice versa) but with the man's inarguable rhetorical genius. Borderline retarded people do not hold multiple thousands of their fellows spellbound for an hour at a time. Nor do recordings of their orations exercise this same effect today -- sans special effects lighting, music and pagentry.



No one said he was retarded.


Donna said (August 18, 2007):

This has always been about bloodline, and those people who believe they should rule the world
because they in fact have divine blood running through their veins. Take a look at the secret
societies and you will see this is the main theme in all of them. To have divine blood running
through their veins. This is the secret (sod) of the blood (dom), and this is the greatest sin
and must be destroyed from off the earth. The idea of monarchy is not dead, because it
is the culmination of a group of people connected by blood being ruled by one person, who
epitomizes the culture and history of that people. The Aryan bloodline is not dead, and there are those in these secret societies that know that that bloodline is the bloodline of the nephilim,those fallen angels who took on the flesh to lord it over mankind. Sodomy is a sin, and there are men in this world who still rule by Sodomy. To do this it means to control the womb, and control what comes from the womb. It is why women must free themselves from the control of men. There can be no redemption as long as one half of humanity holds the other half

Bailey said (August 18, 2007):

Regarding your article "Which Hidden Power Created Hitler" on Rense.com, I just wanted to relay that I appreciated the article and have thought of these ideas many times, myself. In fact, I presented similar ideas to my law school class a few years ago and nearly got booed out of the lecture room. Seems to me that people today, especially young people under 30, think alike. No room for alternative ideas. Talk about "think outside the box"!

I had also mentioned that Hitler is still admired by German's today, albeit they admit that he eventually went crazy. They state that he advanced their country out of a great depression. The students in my class wouldn't buy what I was saying and insisted I was a Hitler lover or a communist. They wouldn't even THINK about my presentation. (Needless to say, I eventually dropped out of law school.)

I agree with your conclusion and find it interesting and most probably true. I think of George W. Bush in the same fashion. Thanks for the article. Good one!

John said (August 18, 2007):

I applaud you on your book "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order."

It's about time that someone put fish back on bicycles! (gloria steinem reference!)

I haven't always agreed with your opinion, some call it 'paranoid', but after teaching in a prison, and very specifically talking with a former 'one of them' in length about Freemasons, Illuminati, Bildenbergers and then in great length
about my own grandfather being a member of Knights Templar (Scottish Rite) and a 33rd degree FreeMason, well a LOT of things came into focus quite clearly! I was raised by my dad and mother (mom was catholic), dad was sick and tired of religion (his father) to think for myself, once the rituals of Freemasonry were clearly explained to me in a non-biased fashion, I formed the opinion that these people are/were/will be satan worshippers.

I also talked at great length with a man formerly involved in the Klan, the Oklahoma City bombing and a lot of 'hate crimes' - and then, well, the mother of my son was a Mormon, This 'culture' of programming is all around us, I'm not paranoid - just 'woke up' and can now see ever so subtle 'hints' everywhere! - and quite frankly with the recent stock market 'faulter' - and
GW Bush's war on common sense - it really scares me! - our country scares me, doing business with a bank scares me, watching TV is something I don't do anymore.

Most of the 'new' articles about JP Morgan aren't new to me, I live in a town that he created - Anaconda, MT JP Morgan, Ben Ali Haggin, Phoebe Hearst - all founders of the Anaconda company, standard oil, hearst empire,these articles read like a history of my hometown - he caused WWI and more than likely funded Hitler,there is still an apartment building in Butte with 'Albeit Macht Frei' painted on the door to the boiler room,
it's been there a long, long time.

Rense.com and Henry Makow, good combination.
sorry for the ramblings!

John -Anaconda Mt

Tony Blizzard on the Need for Buzz Words

August 13, 2007

jerk.gif While researching, writing and editing for Liberty Lobby and its The Spotlight and successor American Free Press, I was constantly arguing for a different kind of presentation that younger people would be interested in reading.

Basically, my argument was that Americans have been dumbed down to the point where facts don't really register with them. They are trained to react to emotional buzz words, not to think. So trying to imitate the writing style of the NY Times, Wash. Post., et al, is simply re enforcing the enemy's agenda, more or less. I never got through with this concept where it mattered, even though many readers praised my style of "blue collar" writing. Moreover, my "punch lines" were routinely edited out of my articles.

Now, I'm finally actually reading Charlotte Iserbyt's "the deliberate dumbing down of america" and I find the words I was always looking for early on in her monumental tome, as follows:

She quotes from the book "Conditioned Reflex Therapy" by one Andrew Salte:

"We are meat in which habits have taken up residence. We are a result of the way other people have acted to us. We are the reactions. Having conditioned reflexes means carrying about pieces of past realities . . . We think with our habits, and our emotional training determines our thinking. Where there is a conditioned reflex, there is no will. Our "will power" is dependent on our previously learned reflexes."

To understand these statements, Mrs. Iserbyt writes, one must know a bit about cybernetics. For that explanation she quotes from a speech by Herbert Philbrick, the ex communist who wrote "I Led Three Lives."

Part of that quote is: "[t]he Reds have been working around the clock in this study of the scientific manipulation and control of information. It is based on the findings of Pavlov which say that a man, like an animal, conditioned to respond to certain impulses, can be conditioned to respond to words, phrases and symbols. [Rock music and "rap "- the rage of the current young - immediately come to mind.] Therefore you pour in the words, phrases and symbols to which he will respond without thinking. And then you withhold other certain words which will cause him to respond in a way which you may not desire. It is the scientific control of human beings by means of control information."

Fits right in with the techniques of Skinnerism, the method most used to turn public school children into unthinking emotional reactors - which they absolutely are - each new generation moreso than the last.

If writers truly want to turn the juggernaut of ruination of civilization around they MUST learn to write their own buzz words, their own emotional tugging agendas, using facts sparingly as backup to the emotional stimulation. That is the only way to reach those at the ages of action. Catering to old geezers for a few bucks to continue droning on will not do any damage whatsoever to the agendas of those who intend to rule the world of "putty men" they have created.

The Homosexual Colonization of The Catholic Church (Pope in BOLD)

August 9, 2007

The New Oxford Review Nov. 2006

In Randy Engel's book The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church (New Engel Publishing, 2006; 724-327-7379; www.riteofsod­omy.com), she lays out the invasion, colonization, and the metastasization of the priesthood and religious life by homosexuals in the Catholic Church.

On the first page of the Introduction, Engel notes that she wrote an article in The Wanderer (summer of 1987) in which the editor deleted her reference to "homosexual bishops." She says: "I remember promising myself" that as soon as "my familial and pro-life duties as the director of the U.S. Coalition for Life would permit, I would take a closer look at the members of the Catholic hierarchy…." She names the names of homosexual bishops with copious citations and notes. This book, a decade in the making, reveals the homosexual "maelstrom" in the Catholic Church.

The book was published in July 2006 and has 1,174 pages containing 4,523 endnotes, and a detailed Index. There is some irrelevant material, but not too much.

Mrs. Engel says her book is not for the faint of heart, which we will see later.

She says that "neither the Holy Father nor the Church hierarchy appear to have the necessary will, heart and stomach" to clean up the homosexuality in the Church's ranks.

In the 20th century, the Second Vatican Council "triggered" the homosexual colonization in the Church. A lot of this is due to the pontificate of Pope Paul VI. Engel says that Paul VI was a homosexual, and she gives evidence for this. Engel says that "Pope Paul VI played a decisive role in the selection and advancement of many homosexual members of the American hierarchy...." And it still continues.

Regarding the recent Vatican document on homosexuals in the seminary, Engel says: "In a Vatican Radio interview on November 29, 2005, Cardinal Grocholewski [Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, which is charged with implementing the document] stated this might include a person who engaged in homosexual acts out of adolescent curiosity; or while intoxicated; or where he prostituted his body to obtain favors. High standards, indeed, for the most sublime of all vocations! The cardinal went out of his way to state that the norms expressed in the document do not apply to already ordained homosexual priests,...acknowledging that Pope Benedict XVI, like his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, has no plans to clean house and mount a serious attack on the Homosexual Collective within the Roman Catholic priesthood and religious life."

Pope Benedict XVI recently appointed Donald Wuerl to the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Wuerl was a protégé of Bishop John Wright (initially the Auxiliary Bishop of Boston). According to Engel, "Wright's pederastic predilections were an 'open secret' in the Archdiocese of Boston." Bill Burnett accused Bishop Wright of pederasty. Here is an instance of where the book is not for the faint-hearted. If you don't like to read sexually graphic accounts, do not read what Engel has to say about the rite of sodomy here (for it will make you sick):

Burnett stated that the abuse ritual began with drinks, a Coke for him and Coke and alcohol for [Fr. Raymond] Page [his uncle] and [Bishop] Wright. Wright would then undress him, fall on his knees before the standing boy and cover him with kisses -- feet, penis, nipples and lips. He and Page would then undress and while the latter stimulated Wright from behind (without penetration), Bill would fellate the bishop. When Wright neared ejaculation he would turn Bill around and sodomize him. Then Page took his turn at raping his nephew.... [We will spare you the rest of the gruesome story.] When it was all over, Wright handed Bill a $20 bill like he always did.

Then Bishop Wright was made Bishop of Pittsburgh, and this is where Wuerl became his private secretary, protégé, and remained at Wright's side (as he was made a cardinal) until Wright's death in 1979. Is this guilt by association? Who knows?

Engel writes: "From 1980 to 1985, Fr. Wuerl served as Vice Rector and Rector of St. Paul Seminary. The seminary had a reputation for rampant homosexuality going back to the days of Bishop Wright." Then Wuerl became Bishop of Pittsburgh in February 1988, fulfilling his protégé role.

Writes Engel: "After Donald Wuerl was posted to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, he permitted Dignity/Pittsburgh Masses to continue for eight more years.... Dignity/Pittsburgh was one of the last chapters to be evicted from Catholic facilities in the United States [on orders from the Vatican]. According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staff writer Ann Rodgers-Melnick, 'Banning Dignity was a sad moment for Wuerl.'... Under Wuerl, the Pittsburgh Diocese has become a stomping ground for nationally-known doctrinal and moral miscreants including Father (now ex-priest) Matthew Fox, Sister Fran Ferder, Father Robert Nugent, Sister Jeannine Gramick, Father Raymond Brown and howling feminists Rosemary Radford Ruether and Monica Hellwig."

In the summer of 1996, Mother's Watch featured a lengthy article called "Bishop Wuerl's Magnificent Obsession." Engel mentions a segment "dealing with Wuerl's exceptional relations with the members of the Pittsburgh 'gay' community who refer to the bishop as 'Donna' Wuerl...." We've heard that too.

Engel also has doubts about Pope Benedict's manliness. Engel says: "Rome correspondents report that the new pope has acquired expensive taste in designer shoes and accessories, a reputation for 'slightly eccentric behavior' and 'a penchant for disguise.' During Christmas 2005, the pope was photographed showing off a red medieval fur-lined hat -- a picture that can only be described as overtly camp. One month later, La Stampa reported that the pope has been secretly visiting his old residence at 1 Piazza Citta Leonina disguised in black clerical robes in the company of another accessory -- his very handsome 48-year-old private secretary and traveling companion, Don Georg Gänswein." We know just the mention of this will upset some of our readers; however, there is no need to jump to conclusions about this. Let's hope he's straight as an arrow.

But there is a disturbing pattern: Benedict appointed "gay"-friendly Archbishop William Levada to be the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; Benedict appointed "gay"-friendly Donald Wuerl to be Archbishop of Washington, D.C.; and Benedict appointed "gay"-friendly George Niederauer to be Archbishop of San Francisco. And Benedict signed the document on homosexuals in the seminary, a toothless document that can be interpreted any way you want.

Don't expect any reforms in the homosexual colonization of the Catholic Church, or what Engel calls the "Homosexual Collective." Sweetie-pie seminarians and priests will continue to flock into the priesthood, and some of them will advance up into the hierarchy. Business as usual.

Randy Engel, one of the nation’s top investigative reporters, began her journalistic career shortly after her graduation from the University of New York at Cortland, in 1961. A specialist in Vietnamese history and folklore, in 1963, she became the editor of The Vietnam Journal, the official publication of the Vietnam Refugee and Information Services, a national relief program in South Vietnam for war refugees and orphans based in Dayton, Ohio. She recorded for the Voice of America and Radio Saigon. In 1970, she received the Distinguished Service Medal for “exceptional and meritorious service to Vietnam.”

In addition to her writings and relief work on behalf of the VRIS, in the mid-1960s, Randy Engel developed an intense interest in pro-life issues including population control, abortion and eugenics, putting her on the ground floor of the emerging Pro-Life Movement. In 1972, she founded the U.S. Coalition for Life in Pittsburgh, Pa., an international pro-life research and investigative agency, and began editing the USCL’s official publication, the Pro-Life Reporter. Her four-year study on the eugenic policies and programs of the March of Dimes titled “Who Will Defend Michael?” quickly put the USCL on the map as the finest pro-life research agency in the U.S.

Her investigative findings documenting the rise of the federal government’s anti-life programs at home and abroad served as the basis for her testimony before Congressional hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Randy Engel’s groundbreaking investigative findings related to US/AID abortion and sterilization programs in Latin and South America, Asia and Africa were instrumental in bringing about major pro-life changes in the Agency for International Development’s foreign assistance programs.
Many of her original research publications for the USCL including “A March of Dimes Primer – the A-Z of Eugenic Abortion,” and “The Pathfinder Fund – A Study of US/AID Anti-Life Funding” have become pro-life classics and continue to enjoy wide circulation.

In 1995, the veteran pro-life researcher exposed the long-standing eugenic abortion record of Dr. Henry Foster, President Bill Clinton’s nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, resulting in the Senate’s failure to approve the nomination.

Sex Education – The Final Plague, Randy Engel’s first full-length book on the sexual conditioning of Catholic school children was published by Human Life International (Baltimore, MD) in 1989 and later by Tan Publishers (Rockville, IL). Her second book, The McHugh Chronicles – Who Betrayed the Pro-Life Movement? was published in 1997, while she continued to gather researching material and conduct interviews for The Rite of Sodomy.

Over the last forty years, Randy Engel’s articles, have appeared in numerous Catholic publications including Liguorian Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, The Wanderer, Catholic Family News and the Homiletic and Pastoral Review. She has received numerous awards for excellence in investigative journalism including the prestigious Linacre Quarterly Award for Distinguished Writing by the Catholic Medical Association.

Meticulous documentation and references and easy readability are the hallmarks of Randy Engel’s investigative writings, and The Rite of Sodomy - Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church is no exception to the rule. The 1,318-page text contains 4,523 endnotes, a bibliography of over 350 books, is fully indexed and reads like a top-flight mystery thriller – except that it is not fiction – it is true.


Letter from Australia

Hi Henry,

I'm writing to let you know whats been happening in Sydney, Australia lately. We have the APEC summit coming up in the next month and there have been a some interesting measures taken that seem to be leaving, at least me, with more questions than answers...

1. new permanent public address speakers throughout the city
2. new armed helicopters for the police (if they were just for the APEC summit, couldn't they borrow some from the army short term?)
3. Special 2.8mtr concrete 'ferral fence', as it is being called, to be erected throughout the CBD to separate the 'VIP's' from the everyday people who might be voicing their concerns about this world of ours... are they trying to hide something/someone?
4. Special riot squad training additional to that which the police already have. We don't have a history of violent protests here.
5. Special one-off Sydney metro area public holiday so that there are less 'security risks' in the area. Meaning that businesses and individuals have to go without earnings.
6. The City of Sydney Council has been advertising a 'Lets Get Ready Sydney' campaign for emergency situations. One of the things recommended is a 'Go Bag' - a bag of essentials that you should have ready to grab and run out the door with. Handy, but very odd.

There's something bigger on the horizon, but we wont know it until its happening.

Thanks for all you interesting investigative work and articles.


Oil and Drug Cartel behind WWII Nuremberg Records Reveal

August 6, 2007

Tens of Thousands of Historical Documents Online for the First Time:

New York Times, July 20, 2007

After six decades of silence, the historic records of the key war crimes tribunal that determined the responsibility for WWII is finally being made available to a world audience. Currently, history books teach that WWII was launched by a lunatic dictator, Hitler, and his ruthless Nazi henchmen.

However, tens of thousands of historical documents from the Nuremberg Tribunal – newly released online – unequivocally document that:

WWII – a war that cost the lives of more than 60 million people – was planned and financed by the world’s largest chemical/ pharmaceutical cartel. At that time Germany’s IG Farben consisted of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and others.

The driving force behind WWII was IG Farben’s ambition to achieve control of the global oil and drug markets and eliminate, by force, any competition.

The IG Farben companies financed the rise to power of the Nazi party and the transformation of German democracy into a dictatorship.

The Nazi/IG Farben coalition’s plan for world domination had three stages: first, the conquest of the Eurasian continent; second, the take-over of Great Britain and all of its colonies; third, the military defeat of the USA and the rest of the world.

As everybody knows, the Nazi/IG Farben coalition’s plan for world domination was destroyed by the efforts of the great majority of nations of the world and the extraordinary sacrifices they made.

While this victory was important for all mankind, the newly emerging post-war order was already influenced by the oil and drug interests from the victorious countries:

The shares of the IG Farben cartel went to their economic competitors in the victorious countries.

The corporate executives of the IG Farben cartel – after a mere ”reprimand” at Nuremberg – were soon reinstated by the new owners of the IG Farben shares in the USA and the UK to help them consolidate the oil and drug cartel at a global level.

However, these important facts have essentially been concealed from the people of the world, who were made to believe that with the first Nuremberg trial – against the military and political stakeholders – the ”main war criminals” had been brought to justice.

This was, of course, not the case. Beside this first trial there were 12 further trials that made up the Nuremberg Tribunal. The most important among them was the case against the oil and drug cartel, IG Farben. The executives of this cartel, according to the chief US prosecutor, Telford Taylor, were the main war criminals – without whom WWII would not have been possible.

It is inconceivable and intolerable that mankind should continue to be left in the dark about the ultimate responsibility for WWII – the greatest crime thus far committed on this planet.
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This is particularly important because multinational corporate interests continue to this day to use military force to reach their global goals.

Telford Taylor, US Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against the executives of the oil and drug cartel, IG Farben

“The crimes with which these men are charged were not committed in rage or under the stress of sudden temptation. One does not build a stupendous war machine in a fit of passion nor an Auschwitz factory during a passing spasm of brutality. Their purpose was to turn the German nation into a military machine so it could impose her dominion on Europe and other nations beyond the seas. They were the warp and woof of the dark mantle of death that settled over Europe.”

The fact that this information was buried in international archives and is not part of any history book is no coincidence. The interest groups that kept this critical knowledge hidden for six decades will now have to answer many questions. Whatever their reaction to the online opening of these archives will be – the truth is now out and these facts will be common knowledge to this and all future generations.

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Dan, A Reader Comments on Margaret Sanger

August 5, 2007

sanger.jpg How about this about Margaret Sanger? -- whom I heard some feminist extolling on local politically correct radio as something of a saint. I don't know whether you've written an exposure of this one or not -- but you should. Her name is still revered and most often invoked by the kind of women who butt in whenever anybody says anything negative about gratuitous abortion.

I looked her up. Turns out, Sanger's biography and her own published books proves the term 'feminazi' isn't an exaggeration in her case. Sanger was an on open enthusiast of Nazi eugenics. I read that her publications directly quoted and promoted by name Nazi eugenics 'authorities', and that this was the real motive behind her 'Planned Parenthood' vision in the US, though she was shrewd enough to give it a double-speak surface presentation of helping the downtrodden women.


Margaret Sanger. The Pivot of Civilization. Brentano's Press, NY, 1922, p 189.
"Birth Control which has been criticized as negative and destructive, is really the greatest and most truly eugenic method, and its adoption as part of the program of Eugenics would immediately give a concrete and realistic power to that science. . . as the most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health."

"The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their rebellious members."

Well, seig heil! Margaret...ya gotta wonder if Faye Wattleton, first president of Planned Parenthood in 1978 ever read Sanger's books?

Hm. That PBS 'American Masters' program I saw on Sanger in the early 90's didn't say much about her sterilization program carried out on black women....maybe I was in the kitchen during that part.

Margaret Sanger.My Fight for Birth Control 1931
"'My first marriage failed, not because of love, romance, lack of
wealth, respect or any such qualities which are supposed to be
lacking in broken ties, because the interest of each widened beyond
that of the other" (p. 296). "From the deep waters into which I had
been swept by the current of events it was impossible to return to
the shallow pool of domesticity'" (p. 92).[1]

'After a failed trial marriage at 18, she married William Sanger in
1902 and soon engaged in extramarital affairs while encouraging her
husband to do the same. She pronounced the marriage bed to be "the
most degenerating influence in the social order" and advocated a
"voluntary association" between sexual partners.' --
Goldstein, David, L.L.D., Suicide Bent: Sangerizing Mankind (Radio
Replies Press, 1945) p. 23

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