Gilad Atzmon on The Tzabar
by Leif Erlingsson

'The Memory of Land' by Juan Kalvellido for Tlaxcala and PeacepalestineIllustration "The Memory of Land" by Juan Kalvellido for Tlaxcala and Peacepalestine

Another of Gilad Atzmon's friends, my friend Lasse Wilhelmson, sent a link to Gilad Atzmon's latest text "Gilad Atzmon - The Tzabar and the Sabbar: A Refection on Memory and Nostalgia".  I just had to respond as below, on the forums where this was posted.


Have read with great interest.

Like on 'The Tzabar', with roots from the thorny plant which grows around old Palestinian settlements, because it thrives on human waste.
''The Hebrew word tzabar is derived from the Arabic word Sabbar, which is the name for the "prickly pear" cactus that is scattered all over rural Palestine. The allusion is to a tenacious, thorny desert plant with a thick hide that conceals a sweet, softer juicy and tasty interior. Israeli-born Jews who call themselves Tzabars are there to insist upon regarding themselves as tough on the outside, yet sweet and tender on the inside.''
And how 'The Tzabar', the Israel-Jew, is a failed creation of Zionism, a pre-deterministical failed attempt at combining opposites; cosmopolite and liberal, with safety behind the wall/ghetto-mentality/the own tribe.  Peace and harmony defended through starvation and genocide.  Gilad Atzmon is saying that the time of the Tzabar is soon over.  Those Jews who are unable to get along with the inhabitants of the land, have no business being there.
''The prickly walls that shred Palestine into Bantustans are there to protect the sweet juicy image of cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. Tragically, the landscape of shredded Palestine is now a reflection of the Tzabar self-image and an extension of his identity. Israeli aggression towards its neighbours together with self-proclaimed righteousness is nothing but a reflection of the tough and the sweet fantasy.''
They -- 'The Tzabar' -- is but a fleeing moment in the history of Palestine, a moment soon passed.  That the zionistic project succeeded with what god failed with, to join the Jews, Gilad Atzmon ascribes to that one succeeded in focusing so much emotion around joining concepts.  Without particularly many ever being ideologically aware.  It never was the ideology, it was the emotions!  And now the project is derailing.  Let us hope it will not take the Jews with it!

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Leif Erlingsson

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