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Welcome to the

Santilli - Galilei Association on Scientific Truth

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Francesco Fucilla, Scientist and Founding Father

Board Members

Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Chairman (Physicist - Mathematician)
Myron Evans, Vice-Chairman (Physicist - Mathematician)
Carlo Marafioti, President (Economist)
Adamo Laurenti, Vice-President (Physicist)
Kiril Chukanov, General Secretary (Engineer - Physicist)


Yuri Nechaev (Physicist)
Dimitris Sourlas (Physicist)
Asterios Jannussis (Physicist)
Constantin Udriste (Mathematician)
Tepper L. Gill (Mathematician)
Joseph Smulsky (Mechanician - Mathematician - Physicist)
Martin Cloonan (Physicist)
Pinchas Mandell (Physicist)
Erik Trell (Scientist)
Michele Sacerdoti (Physicist)
Thomas Vougiouklis (Mathematician)
Aparajita Bhattacharya (Phisicist)
Cenap Ozel (Physicist - Mathematician)
Nizar Hamdan (Physicist)
Joseph Rhawn (Astrobiologist)
Marco Pereira (Physicist)
Jean-Pierre Petit (Physicist)
Chris Illert (Scientist)
Bjorn Solberg (Scientist)
Jose Croca (Physicist)
Stephen Crothers (Physicist)
Epifanio Cruz-Zaragoza (Nuclear-Physicist)
Alwyn van der Merwe (Physicist)
Nejat Veziroglu (Physicist - Engineer)
Piero Quercia (Physicist)
Jose Luis Lopez-Bonilla (Physicist)
Bo Lehnert (Physicist)
Nils Abramson (Physicist)
Wilhelm Horst (Physicist)
Larry Horwitz (Physicist)
Cynthia Whitney (Physicist)
Raul Perez-Enriquez (Physicist)
Juan Nunez Valdes (Mathematician)
Karel Jelinek (Physicist)
Roy Keys (Physicist)
Franklin Amador (Physicist)
Leif Erlingsson (Honorary Member)
Francesco Anile (Honorary Member)
Vincenzo Valenzi (Honorary Member)
Ted Annis (Physicist)
Anthony Baron (Honorary Member)
David Bebbington (Physicist)
Robert Chambers (Physicist)
Corneliu Ciubotariu (Physicist)
William Coffey (Physicist)
Jeff Coxon (Honorary Member)
Stefan Abel (Honorary Member)
Peter Csaba (Physicist)
Monica De Rienzo (Honorary Member)
Nicola Del Negro (Honorary Member)
Bruno Denandes (Honorary Member)
Ben Dhesi (Honorary Member)
William Divine (Honorary Member)
Horst Eckardt (Physicist)
Gareth Evans (Physicist)
Michael Farrell (Physicist)
Lar Felker (Physicist)
Gregory Fogel (Physicist)
Tom Fontaine (Honorary Member)
Suchy Frantisek (Honorary Member)
Roger Goodger (Physicist)
Bob Gray (Physicist)
Giovanni Guglielmo (Honorary Member)
Charles Hubbard (Physicist)
Pavel Hvozdara (Honorary Member)
Roman Ilavsky (Honorary Member)
Davide Imbrogno (Honorary Member)
Giorgio Beghella Bartoli (Honorary Member)
Daniel Indranu (Physicist)
Jost Koller (Physicist)
Peter Kotzer (Physicist)
Ludovic Kucharic (Honorary Member)
Alexander Labounsky (Physicist)
Jesus Lopez (Physicist)
Sean MacLachlan (Physicist)
Jozef Magyar (Honorary Member)
Craig Marshall (Honorary Member)
Kalongama Masudi (Physicist)
Marco Molino (Honorary Member)
Hugh Morshead (Honorary Member)
Jozef Moscicki (Physicist)
George Nemeth (Honorary Member)
Gari Owen (Physicist)
Kerry Pendergast (Physicist)
Alfredo Pollini (Honorary Member)
Melanie Claire Purcell (Honorary Member)
Roberto Raspa (Honorary Member)
Donald Reed (Physicist)
John Shelburne (Physicist)
Julian Spina (Honorary Member)
John Surbat (Physicist)
Boris Volfson (Physicist)
Tom Widlar (Physicist)

The Santilli - Galilei Association
Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0XZ UK

Tel. +44(0)2087811808; President +44(0)7892841487; Email info@santilli-galilei.com

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