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The whole truth of the real story

By John Kaminski – August 13, 2006 skylax@comcast.net

Finally, a book about 9/11 that actually talks about the real perpetrators of that bloody swindle!

Victor Thorn's new blockbuster "9-11 Evil" bills itself as "the most dangerous 9-11 book ever written" and is exactly that, because it blows the lid off the media suppression of Jewish involvement in the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the American people.

Thorn, who with his partner Lisa Guliani have propelled their WING-TV Internet newscast into one of the most reputable on the web, is fast becoming the Ralph Nader of the 9/11 movement, after his many a celebrated outings of corporate shills Mike Ruppert and Alex Jones. Thorn writes:

"The attacks on New York City and Washington DC nearly five years ago were only the beginning, and if we don't fully recognize who the real enemy is and stop it dead in its tracks right now, I guarantee that at some point in the near future, we won't have another opportunity such as this to save ourselves."

What does Thorn's book do that all the other voluminous examinations of 9/11 don't do?

It points the finger squarely at the Mossad, at Israel, and Jews in general. The crime of century has many co-conspirators.

What did happen on 9/11? Thorn writes:

1. The WTC Towers did not collapse due to planes hits or fire. " ... they were crippled by controlled demolitons that were well planned in advance."

2. Flight 77 did not strike the Pentagon.

3. The crash site in Pennsylvania was not caused by Flight 93.

Thorn lists the best 9/11 books that form the core of his research, and sources the most reputable empirical 9/11 researchers, those who don't wander into fanciful high-tech explanations. Prominent among his sources are author Michael Collins Piper and webmaster Michael Rivero, whose whatreallyhappened.com website has provided a news package as reliable and focused as any site on the web.

With the same everyman panache that made his previous 9/11 book, "9/11 on Trial" such an easy and valuable read, Thorn creates composite dialogues that flesh out the utter ludicrousness and savage betrayal that the official story inflicted on free people everywhere.

Why are Israel and the Mossad and Jews in general all behind the 9/11 caper? Thorn answers with a thorough survey of all the existing evidence, beginning with Netanyahu's snide comment on the day of the tragedy. "It's very good," he said, referring to the event's benefit to Israel.

Why were so many Israelis apprehended around the U.S. shortly after the attacks in suspicious circumstances all magically released and flown home to Israel?

And why does the 9/11 skeptics movement, anchored by commercial, pro-Israel shills like Alex Jones and Meria Heller, remain silent on this all-important question?

Thorn's interpretation of how the entire 9/11 skeptics movement has been “diverted in an array of convoluted directions” provides an important checklist of hazards awaiting new researchers.

1. Vague descriptions of the masterminds of permanent war like “New World Order” deflect from identifying the real perps.

2. Popular media personalities insert their agendas into mass movements.

3. Use a religious figure to accurately describe what happened on 9/11, but he fails to mention the most important point, namely, who did it.

4. “Use paid back-room moles to infiltrate every possible 9/11 chatroom, message board, and forum to create as much din, disruption, “noise”, and chaos as possible which constantly litters and pollutes the soup, effectively preventing most people from focusing on Israel’s central role in 9/11.”

5. Minutia, rhetoric, and circular arguments “to lead people down a maze of endless rabbit holes.”

So who did 9/11? Thorn writes:

“ ... 9/11 was an intricately planned act of state-sponsored terrorism concocted by a foreign government (Israel) in unison with an ardently loyal faction of neocon crazies who had burrowed their way into the Pentagon.”

This book is all you need to know but were afraid to ask. It will help you realize that if you don’t ask that question, it will soon be too late.

Like no other 9/11 skeptic I know, Thorn pulls no punches.

“9/11 evil is Israel,” he flatly declares, and concludes his broadside with an extremely long list of Israeli atrocities, concluding with ....

“The Talmud granting permission for Jews to cheat, steal from, kill, and deceive non-Jews.”

Of all the 9/11 analyses I’ve read to date, this book comes the closest to telling the whole truth of the real story, and puts the gory details into their proper historical context. You won’t read this stuff anywhere else in the so-called 9/11 skeptics movement.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. whose second book, “The Perfect Enemy,” was published by Thorn’s Sisyphus Press. www.johnkaminski.com/

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