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The Controlled Demolition
of the World Trade Center; 9/11/2001,
and "National Security Breach"

A material, 'legal deposition'
by Tom-Scott Gordon

July, 5, 2006


As presented to the U.S. Senate Oversight Committee, and others:



"The destruction of the World Trade Center, as witnessed on September 11th, 2001, was the result of an elaborately planned, Controlled Demolition." This is the conclusion of thousands of witnesses and hundreds of forensics experts. Given due consideration, these findings imply, that *US MILITARY* personnel are responsible for crimes that led to the murder of an estimated 3,000 innocent Americans.

As a living witness to these actions, as I have described herein, I do hereby officially charge those responsible, both for the execution, and for the '9/11 cover-up,' with the crimes of: Conspiracy, Treason, Genocide and Murder. Additional criminal charges also apply.

My sole objective in composing this document is to publicize the *initial phase* of this covert operation at the World Trade Center, dating back to 1987.* While I was employed by the WTC Architects of Record; Emery Roth and Associates, AIA, New York City, where I discovered both physical samples and written documentation concerning potential hazards with the physical integrity of the Twin Towers. After witnessing these events, I publicly expressed my concern for a thorough public safety-inspection of the Twin Trade Towers, to other architects and contractors.

To date, not one of our staff, nor the 40-or so full-time employees of the WTC building engineering team has spoken-out publicly, or provided a testimony under oath. A thorough investigation of these parties, named herein, will provide disclosure as to precise nature of these events as I have described. This shall serve as a complete legal record of my direct exposure to these *pre-existing physical, materials conditions* at the Twin Trade Center, that collectively support the *financial motivation* which had prompted the New York Port Authority, AND operatives within NORAD, (or NSA) to engage in this seditious act of "espionage."

No similar information has been provided by any other witness(es) that I am aware of, and no individuals have provided details that would serve to dispute my claims in any way. I remain hopeful that others, more closely connected with this property, and ideally, those having access to the City of New York Buildings Departments, will continue with the points of research as suggested by the information in this document.


Tom-Scott Gordon, 9/11/2001 Legal Deposition, contd., page 2:


Before these events, I was required to pledge a formal, sworn "Oath of Allegiance, to honor and defend the United States of America, from enemies, both foreign and domestic," -prior to my gaining access to the WTC properties, and while working at Level 'D' Security-access at the USAF, Falcon-CSOC facilities, better known as the "NORAD Earth Monitoring Station," in Colorado Springs. I was allowed direct exposure to the workings of these facilities, while photographing their Chain of Command in action. It was explained that;

"Neither the Pentagon, nor the FAA, nor the Whitehouse can by-pass the established, hierarchical data-control mechanisms installed there. This involves a two-tier, rotating 'On-controls' staff, with over 21 'live' operators, who witness and provide a permanent record of,- Not just the Territorial United States, but Every aircraft and satellite currently under motive power in the world! These operative systems can not be moved to the Pentagon, at the whims of the Joint Chief of Staff, as outlined in the CSOC's Permanent Charter."

- Therefore, I must state, unequivocally and emphatically;

To 'override' the U.S. Military's fully redundant, multi-node global Security systems was an essential component of this mission! Doing so, is categorically *IMPOSSIBLE.* Numerous and simultaneous breaches of our Nation's Strategic Defenses can not be dismissed as either a matter of system failure, or substitute foreign, (Mossad) software.

Official admissions of advance intelligence warnings and insider trading attest that there is NO viability in the claim that the "WAR GAMES" had served to "complicate, or delay our response units," which may have resulted in the "stand-down" orders issued that day!

In publishing this document, I am acting in accordance to the letter of my officially sworn, United States of America's Patriotic Oath.

Today, All American citizens must accept these same responsibilities!

The U.S. Government must be held accountable as we demand a thorough and transparent public investigation of September 11th. The integrity of our "National Security Policies and Procedures" depends upon the subsequent trial and punishment of those responsible. My testimony, herein, should be included into the official records concerning these case proceedings, as I am a living material witness to these crimes.

Whereas, these Charter conditions, (as I have generally outlined them here;) "DO NOT, and SHALL NOT enable the opportunity for ANY acting President of the United States, or his Assigns, to randomly usurp the power, and/or Chain-of-Command that would enable any direct control over our Nation's Strategic Defenses, or Policies."



Tom-Scott Gordon, 9/11/2001 Legal Deposition, contd., page 3:


I was informed of all of this by a Command-Shift Sergeant, as he and I witnessed the gathering of The U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, an event that is tense to say the least! "Only Medical and Food-services Personnel were allowed to move from room-to-room during these proceedings." So we sat and talked. This criteria, as he explained, has been instated "for the safety and welfare of every US Citizen, both here and abroad." Immediately following the JCS meeting, (lasting just under two hours,) it was announced over the loudspeakers that,- "ALL Civilian Personnel must Depart at this time!"

This occurred on the same day that the Denver Post announced, on their front-page, top News headline: "President Selects Site for Star Wars". Yet, the entire Falcon facilities, including numerous out-buildings, was completely operational at that time.

The following statements are completely true and faithful to the actual events, as I am best able to describe them.

*All critically sensitive photographs have been withheld from public view.*

A complete, descriptive narrative of my experience at the World Trade Center follows this cover-letter.


__*_________________________________ Date: _7/7/2006____
by: Thomas-Scott Gordon, prior Architectural Photographer;
Emery Roth and Associates, AIA, New York City
Current residence: 2510 Hidden Valley Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72212 (501) 225-1323


Witnessed by: ___**____________________ Date: ___7/7/2006____

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA


* I have just received a notice that suggests a confirmable date of '1987' not 1989 for the completion of building #7. I am dyslexic and I must apologize for this critical error, and I am making this date correction now.* Signatures were provided on the official filings. A link to a .PDF of the actual physical document is available for download at this site, by request.


I.) Why The World Trade Towers­
"Must come down!"



The structural integrity of the massive World Trade Center Towers was contingent upon the combined -value of *both* the internal, perimeter STEEL columns and the adjoining ALUMINIUM fascia-panels.

Over the years, the process known as 'galvanic corrosion' had structurally degraded these buildings beyond repair. Supporting statements to this effect had been compiled by the engineers and delivered to the building owners during the time-frame that I have described. Subsequently, both Mayor Giuiliani's Office, and the New York Port Authority, had allegedly received an order for the buildings to be completely dismantled, by 2007."

Through the continual effects of wind-sheer and [flex-fatigue] this process had eroded the bolt-holds at roughly floors #7 through #25, that fulcrum-point where the lateral pressures were inherently sustained. Photographs, taken after the disaster, reveal that it was only those lowest exterior column sectional groupings which do not appear to have shown severe de-coupling of the joinery, therein. This is evidenced by the bright 'shiny,' cage-like forms that served to contain the bulk of the physical contents among a burning rubble.

Physical evidence verifies that an incendiary 'explosive' material, such as 'thermate,' had come into contact with numerous Steel structural members throughout the entire structures. This has now been verified by independent research scientists from actual samples that had been collected from the site. Witnessed by their locations within the burning pyre, these supporting columns had fallen from the upper-most portions of the two building core-sections.

*My views concerning the chronic construction "flaws" in the World Trade Towers, follows at the end of this document, in section IV. I do not wish to assign 'blame,' nor do I feel the need for me to address these physical matters with any degree of scientific analysis. Sadly enough, the end result of simple human error has now brought the entire world to a state of heightened alarm, to say the very least. I strongly encourage you to cross-reference these issues, as recorded in countless independent and government source documents pertaining to the critical stress-dynamics, and galvanic properties inherent in aluminium alloys.

I also witnessed numerous, "highly suspicious" activities that took place at WTC, building #7, shortly after the structure was erected, and thus concurrent to the events that I have described. Mr. Silverstein was involved from the onset! *Virtually no information concerning the floor-plans, or the construction-phase* has been collected for anyone to do any real investigation into Building #7.

I realize this is a leading statement, but I will challenge any NYC architect to accept the chance to disprove it. After -all, I am the ONLY current spokesperson for the original architects, once officially recognized as the World's foremost design firm. (Perhaps I should send them a bill for my services!)


II.) T. S. Gordon's Inside-experience...

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