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Developing Better Systems for Space Propulsion
What I would like would be to work with an intelligent sponsor who can help me
encourage the space agencies of this world to develop more meaningful technologies
to be used in space with better craft for near-space and deep-space travel


© 2007 Paul E Potter


Its fifty years since space travel began - WHY are spaceships STILL engineered as huge cylinders, in which are taken vast amounts of propellant for the travels of those ships through space, when the very structure of space can be engineered to produce all the energy those ships require through the process of magnetic field reconnection, by which process the sun produces around a million tons of charged particles every second ?

The driving engines in space of quasars and pulsars have an even higher rate of electric particle production, merely, from them converting the virtual energies of space into real-time electron-positron pairs, again, through the process of magnetic field reconnection.

Who is retarding the development of this planet's space craft ? WHY hasn't this reconnection process been successfully developed yet by mainstream science ?

A spacecraft, modeled not as a rocket but as a domed craft, could harvest its own power as it travels through space, store that power, and use that power in its propulsion drive mechanisms with substantially less risk to its crew or to its payload than conventional rockets, with almost ZERO running costs, by converting charged particles out of thin air (or space)...

The Inverse-G Vehicles (IGVs) of John Searl did exactly this very thing, so the workability of this technology has already been verified, and indeed, was proved workable back in the 1960's... years before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin jumped on the moon... !

Are our scientists TOO PROUD to look at the way the extraterrestrials can harvest and manipulate these energies..? But then, I suppose, extraterrestrials will be more intelligent than the humans who have looked at the basic premise of the firework and have scaled-up that mechanism of propulsion to produce their space rockets.

Certainly, it will be more logical, for beings that have traveled large swathes of the cosmos, for them to have acquired an advanced scientific knowledge from a look at the energy systems readily found out in space. Black holes, pulsars and quasars would have been their study models and so it should be assumed that it will be the dynamic principles behind these types of energy systems that will be discoverable in the mechanisms of UFOs.

This tallies with recent astrophysical research findings which suggest that the mass-to-energy-conversion efficiency of a rotating black hole is 32% efficient (while our beloved nuclear fusion with its radioactive conversion slumbers along at a very anti-social less than 1% efficient...) (Carilli-Barthel) (Li 2000). While this preference toward nuclear power with its low efficiency (and inherent danger) might suit a lesser-intelligent species it should be expected that the extraterrestrial designer would use his or her engineering skills to take on the black hole's high-efficiency mechanism as their most fundamental design-base, into which design-base certain improvements could then be introduced so that there might eventually be produced an electro-gravitational dynamic-power-drive that can be used in their space-craft that would consequently work through an efficiency even higher than the 32% rating as mentioned above. After all, black holes primarily work with gravitational forces and rotational forces, and these are exactly what a UFO will need for its propulsion, and while the black hole uses merely magnetic fields to confine and separate its energy fields the UFO will have purpose-built confinement structuring inside it to separate and to amplify its gravitational and rotational fields.

Unfortunately, these are not valuable facts for the scientists of this earth because the scientists of this earth have acquired no empirical data on how to generate, or how to manipulate (or even how to detect) gravitational forces - as has been currently verified in the LIGO and VIRGO detection experiments. This latter truth alone suggests to me that the scientists of this world are not opinion-leaders when it comes to gravitational propulsion mechanisms for space-craft. So, rather than assuming, as the earth-scientist does, that off-world craft need to exhibit electrogravitic energies, or have ion-ejecting signatures, or that they should have proton-antiproton-fed propulsive-thrust drives, all of which eject these unbridled forces out the back of those craft like fireworks do, I would say that it would be more astute, and more rewarding, to engineer deep-space propulsion systems from the dynamic principles to be found in the most efficient engines of the cosmos, those of the black hole engines that feed gravitational forces into pulsar and quasar jets, and to have those forces lead ahead of the craft as a confined field of force which would then pull on the craft.

Working on the principle that gravitational force can be coupled to an electromagnetic field and then amplified-projected ahead of the space craft I am interested in the development of an interstellar space travel technology that would consign to the past such notions as G-forces, propellant fuel loads, combustive force, exhaust velocity, zero-gravity environments, wiring looms, and heat shields. Because what I have discovered is that UFOs are real, are explainable, and are engineerable, through using earth-bound physics principles: And particularly, that most everything going on inside of a UFO has been copied from pulsar, black hole - accretion disk, mechanisms as found in space... Obviously the proof of any theory is in its workability through several design-models, and I have shown that this basic reliance upon astrophysics principles can be found in several UFO drive systems, particularly in the Andreasson UFO, the Bob Lazar UFO, the Adamski UFO, the Roswell UFO, the Onion Drive UFO, the upright cylinder UFOs, and even in the fields generated in Searl's gravitational force rotors.

self-collimating helical field

The following extract is for one of the above-mentioned UFO drive systems, and while this explanation is based primarily on the lower section of the Andreasson UFO (hereafter referred to as the aaUFO) I would venture that it would also relate to the Roswell type of UFO (judging by the back-engineering signatures of that craft as described by Col. Philip J. Corso). I have just completed a huge study on the gravitational dynamics of various types of UFO and this study will be published in due course elsewhere. So I'm not going to prattle on here about what was covered up at Roswell in the 1940s or what was fed into UFO folk-lore from Area 51 in the 1980s, instead, I'll cut straight in here and say that I've found a dozen or so ionizing mechanisms directed toward this particular UFO's four top spheres (see diag 1 & 2) and that a whole range of energies (plasmons, phonons, photons, electrons, positrons, and excitons) can be excited and then converted by these glass spheres into high-energy electrons and photons. To ensure this happens these four top spheres are each fabricated as dielectric glass spheres but more importantly they are configured as metamaterials internally with ferroelectric-ceramic inclusions: And because these spheres are located where magnetic flux lines from the UFO's toroid are converged, from a very wide cross-section into a very narrow volume (immediately below each sphere, so that these flux lines become highly intensified exactly where they pass through those ferroelectric-ceramics in the spheres), any pulsing of those magnetic flux lines will imbue substantial amounts of Lorentz force upon those charged particles when they are subsequently emitted out from those ferroelectric-ceramics embedded into those spheres. The Lorentz forces will cause those charged particles to spin energetically around the outside of the spheres, and then these charged particles spinning around the surfaces of the top spheres will interface with the glass surfaces (which will be faceted) in such a way that an oscillating reaction will occur just inside the surface layers of those glass spheres (which will be why these facets will have to have specific dimensions, just like a waveguide), and when those oscillations increase to around 4 GHz those oscillations will permeate fully into the internal mesostructure of these spheres and cause that structure to come into plasmonic resonance to mobilize the mesostructure's plasmon-electronic charges. While this happens, the ferroelectric materials also embedded into the sphere's glass, because their crystalline structures will not be able to keep up with such a high frequency of alternating polarity-switching, they will enter into a state known as spontaneous polarization reversal, in which state (at 4 Ghz) electrons will get produced at a faster rate than the rate at which they can be neutralized (by the material's opposite charges), and so these electrons will at first accumulate around each atomic cell of the ferroelectric crystalline structure inside these spheres. As these surplus electrons continue to accumulate they will then get forcibly repulsed out of the ferroelectric materials embedded into the spheres in energetic bursts (see the Reige 1994 paper for the best explanation of this principle). So the 4 Ghz oscillations provide the trigger for the plasmonic mobility of charges inside the top spheres, which switch on and off the ferroelectric polarization reversals, which, in turn, emit the material's internal surplus of electrons. Which means that each of this UFO's four spheres will automatically 'switch on' and begin to emit copious bursts of high-energy electrons and photons when the plasma of energies around them begins to oscillate above that critical frequency - so that no wiring looms, no switches, no cathode, no anode will be needed to regulate this mechanism - and it will occur simply by semiconducting technology and by magnetic fields intensified above threshold levels using confinement principles and unconventional wave-guiding. ferroelectric light emissionsAnd then, as I say above, these bursts of emissions will be grabbed by the Lorentz forces of the pulsing magnetic flux lines running through the top spheres and through the center of the UFO, and after they have spun around the top spheres these emissions will eventually spin off those top spheres and get caught into the rotating forces of the black vortex in the center of the UFO, and then they will spin from around the mouth of that black vortex down into the core of the black vortex itself. And this, essentially, will be how the central vortex becomes empowered and how it will power the above mechanism, and how it will take on more and more energy into itself and self-perpetuate, and how it will accumulate more and more mass-density - much in the same way that the black hole out in space breaks down mass into subatomic energies and photons - and generates its own mass-density gradient.

Of course, I'm not the first person to realize how this is done inside a UFO, American scientists back in the 1980's discovered this mechanism from when they were invited to the hypnotherapy sessions of an abductee who recalled being taken onboard an alien craft and being shown how this mechanism worked. The abductee that witnessed these energy emissions coming from that UFO's spheres when the UFO was powered up described them as glowing brighter than an arc welder's flash of light, and moreover, that these ferroelectric emissions glowed permanently like bars of light which hovered a short distance away from the sphere's surface. One of the scientists who was at this abductee's hypnotherapy sessions eagerly taking notes was John F. Schuessler B.S.M.E. project manager for space shuttle operations at McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing). But then, aerospace scientists have had a long history of working with alien abductees and UFO technology, this was a point made by Col. Philip J. Corso who organized the farming-out to the large electronics labs of the Roswell UFO's artifacts, so that those artifacts might be back-engineered by the technicians at Bell laboratories, Sperry-Rand, and the US aerospace giants Hughes Aircraft Corp. back in the 1960s to 1970s. Indeed, one might wonder how many electronics patents were applied for, and granted, around those times that can be traced directly back to an alien designer of UFO technology... and one might also wonder if this might be one of the reasons why UFOs have been so vehemently denied by scientists and governments since those enterprising times ?

With such powerful emissions this then becomes a perfect symbiotic arrangement because while the top spheres deliver energies which intensify the magnetic flux lines, those intensified flux lines will imbue extra Lorentz force into the charged particles which will make them spin faster and which will empower the central vortex to rotate the more faster, and the faster the vortex rotates the greater will be its shearing forces by which these energies (coming from the spheres and from further out) can be broken down and directed into the mouth of the vortex - to continually empower that vortex..! Looking at this arrangement in another way, the more the central black vortex (a quasi black hole but without a point of singularity) consumes energy the more it is ABLE to break down energy and generate additional energies around the perimeter of its shearing forces. And furthermore, as there will also be gravito-electro-magnetic energy that will be drawn down into this vortex, into this intense magnetic funnel at the center of the craft (of atomic gravitational binding forces and electromagnetic energy given up when atoms are torn apart by the contra-flowing shearing fields at the mouth of the vortex), then this will ensure that the black vortex will keep on accumulating Lorentz rotating force and keep on replenishing its gravitational forces.

If you look at the routing of the toroid's magnetic flux lines inside this UFO, particularly where they pass through the center of the four spheres (see diag 9) it will be noticed that when the central vortex is powered up with Lorentz force so will the toroid, and so will the rest of the craft's electromagnetic circuit, be powered up. The whole UFO is permeated by a network of magnetic fields which are all inter-linked and inductively coupled, so the inboard fields when energized will feed into the outboard ones and vice versa. This means that every electrically-charged fluid will become imbued with kinetic energy and will start circulating inside the lower section of the UFO. This is analogous to how angular momentum is radiated away from a rotating black hole into its accretion disk out in space through the agent of the black hole's magnetic field lines (and this is one of the main mechanisms of black hole force evaporation as established by Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Reva Williams and Brian Punsly, of course)... And the UFO is merely copying this astrophysical mechanism to generate inside its circular hull an immensely-powerful rotating shearing force which it can tap from, for its own power usage or for its propulsion mechanisms. Similarly, gravitational force coming from the UFO's quasi-black hole will radiate through any and all atoms in close vicinity to that quasi-black hole (ie either through the atoms that make up the fluid rotating inside the UFO's structurally contained ergosphere which immediately surrounds that quasi-black hole, or through the atoms of the very material-structure of that UFO), which, in the case of the rotating fluid, would set up an electrically polarized cloud around that black vortex (from the fact that nucleons are much more massive than electrons and would be more affected by gravitational force than the electrons) (Bekenstein) (Price-Thorne): And from the point of view of the UFO's structure, gravitational force can be channeled THROUGH the atomic cellular structuring of those materials to the outlining areas of that UFO with the greatest amount of efficiency, simply by using high-mass elements in that structuring. These two mechanisms form the basis of how the rotating black hole is the 'driving engine' which supplies both angular momentum and gravitational force into the quasar and pulsar astrophysical jets in space. And so with this in mind it will be the ROTATIONAL and GRAVITATIONAL forces that will radiate from the aaUFO's black vortex that will be utilized by the ET physicists as their driving forces for their UFOs... And in regard to this type of system's mass-to-energy-conversion efficiency, of what can be gotten out of that driving engine, the net efficiency of these UFO engines will be determined not just by what mass-energy is put into them, but by what methods mass is converted toward raw energy on the way to that UFO's black vortex.

Then, to understand how to extract energy from such a mega-efficient driving engine you simply look at what Nature does in space and exaggerate Nature's mechanisms, or otherwise, you could look at the Penrose studies on mechanisms which extract energy from a black hole and exaggerate those (and especially the treatment given to these Penrose black hole extraction studies by Reva Williams). Inside the UFO will be an immensely powerful rotating shearing force, but a rotating force can be made even more powerful, and can be made to produce all sorts of other forces (other than conventional rotational and conventional gravitational forces) if the structuring around that rotating force is designed in a particular way. This, I would have to emphasize, is where physics and astrophysics part company (and too, where the electronic engineer needs to take a step backward to get more air into his or her lungs), because the dynamics found in black holes, which the Williams-Penrose mechanism address and exploit, are quite different to anything known within terrestrial sciences. Like I say above, terrestrial scientists, and physicists, and electronic engineers, have no empirical data within their educational systems that has given them any worthwhile knowledge about gravitational forces, and so whatever tenets that have been ascribed to these forces by science and physics theoreticians (especially by Einstein and Newton) these should hereafter be ignored. In their stead more workable theory should be developed out of black hole dynamics, just as the extraterrestrials have formulated and have transposed into their craft.

For instance, as per the Penrose-Williams process (see diag 2) when the high-energy particles collide at this contra-rotating rift at the mouth of the UFO's black vortex, where its photon-orbit rotates at speed just outside the vortex's event horizon, while some of that energy shears straight into the black vortex some of it will shear the opposite way and will spin away from the vortex at a speed much greater than the energy flowing into the vortex. In a circularly confined structure, such as inside a UFO, this will equate to an outflowing spiraling ring of expanding force. And as this high velocity ring of shearing energy can be made inside the UFO to repeat continually then these waves will form into gyrating waves of charged particles that will forever expand outward from the black vortex, and in the case of the aaUFO where its gyrating fields will be confined between its lower toroid and its upper deck through a volume known as the planar waveguide which will only be about 8 cm or so deep (see diags 5 & 6), there would result a substantial amount of particle collisions from these out-ringings which would cause Comptonizing ionization and would add even more energies into those gyrating waves.

Very cleverly, what the extraterrestrial physicists have also done is create a white hole shield (or as I call it a white wall) just inside the rim of their UFO (see diag 1) by combining a physical contraction of the planar wave guide at the rim together with a magnetic bottle (which spreads around the whole 360 degrees of the craft's outer rim). These two constrictions form a white hole event horizon, which dynamically is the opposite to a black hole's event horizon, in that it forms a pass-not wall that energy and matter can only bounce away from. Effectively, what this does inside a UFO is bounce the forces of the gyrating energy waves off the white wall when they expand out to it so that they then bounce back into the craft's center. So the gyrating energy rings which were expanding out to the rim now turn back on themselves and shrink back down into the center, and then they again crash against the photon-orbit ring surrounding the black vortex. So that once again, at the spinning photon orbit ring, while some of that energy passes over the photon-orbit ring and is consumed by the black vortex a proportion of that energy becomes amplified by the vortex's rotation and bounces out yet again toward the rim. This, of course, all takes place in a fraction of a second and is a continually repeating mechanism. As one would expect, this is a known amplification process in astrophysics, and it is known as superradiant amplification which occurs around black hole systems (Zeldovich) (Setiawan), and indeed, while there are several study models which explain superradiance the aaUFO exemplifies almost perfectly the Schutzhold-Unruh model of it. This sort of amplification builds exponentially and so quickly leads to spontaneous emissions of energy, and out in space its the same process which produces the massive amounts of charged particles which form into astrophysical jets (of pulsars, quasars), some of which extend for tens-of-thousands of miles through space, as per the M87 jet. Inside the UFO though, where its continuous ringing of energy waves is confined through that UFO's planar waveguide, which, as alluded to above, will trigger more and more Comptonizing ionization, this sort of energy production makes a nuclear fusion generator seem like a bicycle dynamo by comparison !

And so this really is where the astrophysics comes to the fore, and these UFO power production mechanisms sort the enterprising mega-power engineer from the wind turbine boys ! As explained in Unruh, Leonhardt and Jacobson (for the astrophysical black hole), where there is a surrounding ergosphere that slows down the velocity of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves that are being bounced around a black hole-vortex, those trains of waves will get partially caught and pulled upon by the force of the black hole-vortex. What happens then is that the ringing waves will have their group velocities slowed down so much that the group velocity eventually REVERSES. This is a known source of a similar sort of negative energy as postulated in the Puthoff-Davis, Ford-Roman, and Ostriker-Steinhardt models of negative energy density. When composed of gravitational force the reversed wave trains equate to being a gravitational force, which, rather than being attractive is expansive. Expansive gravity, or repulsive gravity, is nothing new of course, Einstein postulated gravitational repulsion back in 1916 with his lambda cosmological constant. Expansive gravitational forces can then be very useful when propagated by an airborne craft.

Obviously, this reversal of the group velocity of the electromagnetic and gravitational waves is part-and-parcel of the superradiance mechanism happening inside the UFO, whereby those waves can bounce in and out of the black vortex in harmony with the high-energy particles that are being ejected outward after they hit the spinning photon-orbit ring outside the event horizon. So all-in-all what is developed within the aaUFO's planar wave guide is a gyrating ring of highly amplified particles and gravitational radiation that is expanding-shrinking-expanding between the central black vortex of the aaUFO craft and its rim's white wall, and which is ever-increasing and is ever-developing into a substantial force, and which builds to a crescendo all the different excitations of photons, electrons, positrons, phonons, plasmons, acoustic and gravito-magnetic waves, inside the UFO until they all oscillate together as a rhythmic coherent force... The extra refinement within the aaUFO will be that the frequency of this superradiant ringing can be controlled, again, by the UFO's structuring being made of semiconducting materials (that can be operated, this time, by a switching mechanism that can be accelerated and decelerated to suit the needs of the craft's flight dynamics).

However, the superradiance energies gyrating around the inside of the aaUFO, the way I've described them, while they can be pumped up to higher and higher energy levels NONE of that gyrating energy will be able to escape past the craft's white hole wall, because that same gyrating energy field will also pump more force into the magnetic bottle inside the aaUFO's rim ! And this is where the ETs have introduced a substantial improvement over the astrophysical model into their assimilation of black hole dynamics inside their UFOs. For they have engineered into their UFO's rim a series of power-threshold gates which the ET pilots can control, which will de-intensify the magnetic bottle (see diags 7 and 8) at pre-designated areas around the UFO's rim - to open a gate - to release short pulses of this energy as precisely timed wave-packets of gravitational-electromagnetic forces which are then used by the UFO craft for its propulsion...

But it should be borne in mind that the gyrating energies which do leave the craft's rim will do so tangentially (they will not burst out radially from the rim). So the rim duct (and the white wall's magnetic field configuration) will act as a waveguide to those exiting energies which will curve them up around to the upper dome of that UFO craft. The rim's waveguide structure can also stretch the wave-packets of gravitational-electromagnetic force as they pass through the rim's gates and so these wave-packets will ideally be made to pass through the rim as a relatively low-amplitude collection of waves... and it will only be when those wave-packets are curled around the upper dome, through smaller and smaller curvature toward the craft's apex, that those wave-packets will then get compressed and become greatly amplified. This is analogous to the known process of the chirping of wave-packets (Chirped-Pulse Amplification - CPA - where high-intensity beams can only have their amplitudes increased after those beams have passed through their propagating devices).

The beauty of this mechanism is that the wave-packet can be curled around the UFO's dome and this will do two things to that wave-packet, it will increase the wave-packet's overall angular momentum (ice-skater effect from the dome's ever-decreasing radius of curvature) and it will also compress the individual energy waves in that wave-packet (which will increase their amplitudes). Looking at the conical (inhomogeneous) magnetic field configuration which spreads over the aaUFO's dome (diags 7 and 8) it becomes very obvious that this is precisely what the domed shape of a UFO is used for. The curved dome of the UFO facilitates an amplification process, but also it becomes a waveguide, for when each wave-packet arrives at the apex the magnetic flux configuration there compresses the electromagnetic component of the wave-packet in such a way that it will also transform it into a rotating wave-packet (ie will circularly polarize it)... remember, the wave-packets will be imbued with angular momentum from the black vortex (Unruh's and de-Felice's negative radial momentum, or as its referred to in Unitel Aerospace's laser propulsion system, Umstadter's curl) and this will be shot off ahead of the craft in the form of a helical filament-tube which will self-collimate (with the help of a frame-dragging limit upon the surrounding layers of air). And because the craft is effectively sending a high-powered electromagnetic force down an adjustable-bore electromagnetic tube it will be like sending water down your garden hose which will go further and faster from that hose whenever the nozzle's bore is squeezed down, and so once the filament-tube's bore is squeezed down the wave-packet will shoot down the tube at higher velocity for as far as the tube retains its integrity. This action in itself amplifies even more the gravitational force in each of the wave-packets (see Zeldovich-Novikov, Bicak, and Mirza on the gravitational amplification of rotating fields). The proviso will be that the spinning wave-packet should lead with a negative gravitational force and trail with a positive gravitational force, for the trick will be to send the repulsive gravitational force down the filament-tube first so that it spreads down the tube when amplified and sets up an expansive 'anchor' along the head of that tube, so that the following attractive gravitational force gets dragged down after it - with the craft attached to it. This will be the great and wonderful improvement over the Ostriker-Steinhardt model of negative energy density, where these physicists have wrongly assumed that because they can't separate the negative from the positive they believe that negative energy densities cannot be used to any advantage - but these physicists need to realize that the two don't need to be separated, and that these forces are in fact better used in tandem together !

The UFO by sending out repetitive pulses of these wave-packets, will then speed through the air to the contraction-velocity determined by however the bore of the filament-tube amplifies that UFO's attractive gravitational force.


© 2007 Paul E Potter

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