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All of the research and development principles mentioned in this section are still to this day not conventionally understood by the mainstream academia. Also corporate energy cartels stand to loose multi trillions in revenue should their fossil fuels be replaced by this alternative energy technology.

Panacea has thus rationalised that a physical faculty center is needed to create social reform from these political and economic conditions which interfere in public dissemination.

Also the center is needed to assist in the educaiton of the mainstrem academia and also to recover all of the principles mentioned towards development of higher education.

Lawrence Tseung is a representative of the the Wang Shum Ho generator and pulse motor, both part of the LEE-TSEUNG patent pending technology. These individuals have not only been playing a role in helping bringing technology of this nature to the world, but also working on a unified model which conventionally explains all operation of over unity devices.

The Panacea research and development center and the device can serve as a means to understand, develop, and test this unified model on all other developed over unity devices and ressurected reseach of suppressed energy technology. 

Wang Shum Ho generator in motion 

Energy from the air are seeking the marketing partner to promote this technology to the World. The Panacea research and development centre can also assist in creating security from any fossil fuel interferance, and also help publicise and disseminate this technology. 

Other devices produced by thier Research and development team include:

pulse motor design

The next design can assist in their explaination of over unity devices which taps gravity.

Pulsed pendulum design

Also their team has been working on the Minato wheel design another magnetic gravity assited wheel design.

Minato Wheel tests

All these designs can potencially produce cleaner efficent FREE energy. Despite the Wang Shum Ho team having a working available device, their scientific find has no faculty recognition, and they are further unable to get mainstream media to present their findings.

Their contributions need a grant backed research and development environment to flourish and will be submitted into faculty study in Panaceas proposed granted research and development centre. 

If you're a member of the public or a scientific group which can aid in grants for the centre and or help the Wang Shum Ho team please contact Panacea. 

This technology has also been added to panacea's on line university.

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